Tuesday, April 19, 2011

SS 11: Tuesday, 19 April

Today, we did a short quiz to review the 1920s and then started a PPT discussion on the 1930s.  I issued the 1930s textbook chapter questions.  Please come to class on Thursday with numbers 1-24 completed.  I suggest you read the corresponding pages in the Falk workbook as we work through this section of the course - he does a good job summarizing the important points and he accurately assesses the tone of this era.


  1. Are we supposed to do all the exercises in the workbook worksheet?

  2. In addition to the 1920s textbook questions, you should have Ex #7-8 (on women) completed. Last day I issued the 1930s textbook questions - do up to #24. We will start the rest of the workbook package (#9-13, on the Depression) next class.