Friday, September 30, 2011

En 12: Friday 30 Sept

Today, we worked on a study guide question sheet designed to help us examine the form and structure of poetry using the Imprints 12 anthology.  The paragraph writing samples are designed to give you practice developing a and expressing a view about what you are reading.  This will be a necessary skill when you come to do your provincial exam.

En 11: Friday 30 Sept

Today we worked at editing our TOMATS essays.  First we copied the essay to a fresh page so that we had two copies of it.  Next, we edited the second copies.  Then, we chose a sample paragraph from the edited version and copied it again to a third page.   We also took the undedited version of that paragraph from the original essay and added it also to that third page to we could compare it to the edited version.  Finally, we added "comments" to the edited version using the "insert" tab from the Word toolbar in order to participate in meta-cognition.  I've included a sample of the last step as a model.  Note how some of the comments are about writing style and format; others are reflective and still others explain why certain editing choices were made.

En 8: Friday, 30 Sept

Today I collected the character sketches due for homework.  Then we read Chapter 5 independently and discussed the questions together.  Next, we read Chapter 6 in pairs and worked on the questions in pairs after Mr. Marshall gave a short review of the history of Dunkirk.  No homework, unless you want to work to be ahead.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

En 12: Thursday 29 Sept

Today we wrote the "David" exam.  Take a break tonoght - no homework.

SS 11: Thursday 29 Sept

Today we started our review in preparation for the government unit exam.  We began with a quiz and then took turns identifying and explaining the significance of the terms on page 2 of the workbook.  We covered #1-39.  We'll do the rest on Friday.  You should expect your exam on Tuesday (I will be absent).

En 11: Thur 29 Sep

Today I returned the TOMATS essays and then we worked on assessing our thesis statements for accuracy.  We ended up examining our topic sentences for their effectiveness.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

En 12: Wed 28 Sept

Today we finished our discussion of "David."  We will have a test tomorrow.

Section 1: Multiple choice: in a line from the poem tell what the highlighted word means (7 ques)
Section 2: Multiple choice: answer 8 questions related to the form and meaning of the poem
Section 3: Match 11 devices to their corresponding example from the poem
Section 4: Write one multi-paragraph response to one prompt
                  Write three single paragraph responses from a choice of six.

It would be good to review the David PPT from the links list (Slide Share) on this blog.
Also, review the notes from the study guide.

This test will give us some writing samples with which to work.

En 11: Wednesday, 28 Sept

Today we discussed a plan to incorporate ScreenFlow as a means of recording writing/editing sessions to the Internet.  This way we could learn editing and assessment skills from the essay samples we produce, and also create a resource to visit on YouTube when we want to revisit those lessons.  No homework today.

SS 11: Wednesday, 28 Sept

Today we discussed affirmative action and preferential hiring and discussed/finished the worksheets up to #21.  We also finished the PPT on human rights.  Please complete Ex # 22, 23 and 24 for homework.

En 8: Wednesday, 28 Sept

Today we used ScreenFlow to make a movie of a "character sketch" writing lesson.  We started with a brainstorm activity and then I modeled a paragraph with a strong topic sentence that creates interest.  I will try to open a YouTube account so I can post our movies to the Internet.  Please complete your rough copy character sketches for Friday's first period class.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

SS11: Tuesday 27 Sept

Today we reviewed the three types of voting practices and wrote some simple definitions.  Then we worked on the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.   For homework, please complete the table of seven rights/freedoms on Ex #19.

En 11: Tuesday, 27 Sept

Today we wrote the objective test for TOMATS and finished watching the film.  There is no homework.

En 12: Tuesday 27 Sep

Today we discussed the study guide questions from the poem "David."  We used a student-led group discussion format where I gradually released my input as you got used to presenting information and then adding to it through discussion.  We will finish up tomorrow and write the test on Thursday.