Friday, May 25, 2012

Law 12: Friday, 25 May

Today I gave some time for you to complete Chapter 16.  I also issued the crossword puzzle and some general handouts.  Then we debriefed up to question #20.  If you haven't done so already, please ensure you complete all of the reading questions for homework.

ENG 12: Friday, 25 May

Today we covered the "f"s, "g"s and some "i"s from the course terms list.  Then we reviewed the format for the play's objective test.  I ended the class with some test preparation time.  Have a nice weekend, but please take time to ensure you're ready for Monday's exam.

Hist 12: Friday, 25 May

Today we watched the remainder of the JFK dvd, but still failed to see the segment on the Cuban Missile Crisis - oh well.  We got a good preview of the civil rights movement.  We closed with a summary of Monday's Cold War exam format.  Enjoy the sun this weekend!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

English 12: Thursday, 24 May

Today we finished the "d"s and did the "e"s on the Eng 12 terms list.  Then we did a canned quiz from the Sparks Notes website as a "see-how-we-are-doing-on-understanding-the-play"activity.  In essence, the quiz did not test any deep understanding such as themes, just simple comprehension (memory) details from the play.  We ended by reviewing the answers to the vocabulary activity.  I've included the answers here.  There is no homework.  We'll have the objective test on Monday; on Tuesday we'll write our second essay; and, on Thursday/Friday we'll watch the movie.  (Wednesday is the Law 12 trip to the Vancouver Law Courts).

English 8: Thursday, 24 May

Wow!  We had another very productive day of descriptive paragraph writing.  Yet again, I was pleased and impressed with your mature response to the task.  In essence, you have created a collaborative writers workshop that is supportive of each other specifically and of your writing in general.  We are getting quite a collection of writing on our wall.  There is no homework.

Hist 12: Thurs, 24 May

Today we completed the Cuban Missile Crisis debrief.  It was a good opportunity to try to get into the heads of the characters we were representing.  We next listened to JFK's speech to the public regarding the growing crisis and his planned response.  It is a good study in bias and rhetoric.  We then watched a portion of the JFK documentary - hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to track down the chapter on Cuba.  Please ensure you complete the quiz for homework.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Law 12: Wednesday, 23 May

Today we debriefed the crossword puzzles for Chapter 14 and 15.  We also reviewed for tomorrow's test.  We ended the class by watching the first half of the "Paisley Snail Case" (Donoghue v. Stevenson - the neighbour case).  There is no homework but to study for your exam.

En 12: Wednesday, 23 May

Today we wrote our character essays in the computer lab.  Those who were absent will have to arrange to write it out of class time - perhaps during spares.

History 12: Wed., 23 May

Today we watched three short video clips of the Berlin Wall: 1) tensions at Check Point Charlie; 2) JFK's "ich bin ein berliner" speech; and, 3) Reagan's "tear down this wall" speech.  We then watched some of the JFK documentary dealing with his Cold War strategy.  Next we did a review of some of the events of the Cold War, dividing them between east and west in terms of origin.  Finally, we started the Cuban Missile Crisis simulator.  Try to avoid researching the issue until AFTER we complete the simulation.  We'll complete the simulation tomorrow - think about the agenda of your chosen character:

Liz: JFK
Kari: Bobby Kennedy
Joel: Robert McNamara: Secretary of Defence
Angus: Army general
Sam: Navy admiral
Maciek: JFK's "friend"

simulator website

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

En 12: Tuesday, 22 May

Today we completed a character sketch on Willy including quotations.  Please make sure you complete your preparation for tomorrow's in-class 300-word essay.  This will be one of few formal in-class pieces for this term.  You must be prepared to write on EITHER Biff or Willy - I will tell you which one, tomorrow.

Law 12: Tuesday, 22 May

Today we debriefed Chapter 15 and discussed the cases.  Please ensure the crosswords for Chapters 14-15 are completed before tomorrow's class.  Tomorrow we'll review Chapters 14-15 and have a test on Thursday.  We will not do a test for Chapters 12-13.

Eng 8: Tues., 22 May

Today we reviewed the components of our descriptive paragraphs and then continued with the composition and revision process.  There is no homework.

History 12: Tuesday, May 22

Today we reviewed the answers to the workbook exercises I gave out last day.  Next, I issued a sheet that can be used when assessing propaganda sources.  We then examined some East German propaganda concerning the Berlin Wall.  Finally, I asked you to read an East German publication about the Wall.  For tomorrow, please complete a 100-word paragraph summarizing the role of propaganda in the Cold War.  An example or two would probably be useful.