Friday, May 13, 2011

English 12: Friday, 13 May

Today was day two (of two) for the Hamlet essay.  You've earned a rest.  Next week, Tuesday, I think, we'll do the objective exam.

Thanks for your mature, focused writing over the last two days.

History 12: Friday, 13 May

Today we switched gears after having writen the Second World War exam, yesterday: we began our study of the Cold War.  I issued worksheets #1 - 4 (they are covered in the workbook from pages 121-134).  We also did part one of the PPT discussion on the Cold War.  We discussed many terms and decided if they were examples of causes of the conflict or competition between the two sides.  Also, last class we read DeMarco Chapter 13 (in case you forgot).

Keep up the good work.

En 11: Friday, 13 May

Today, we worked in our writers guilds to edit/rewrite our LOTF symbolism paragraphs.  I think you all worked well today, thanks.  Please ensure you have read the rest of the novel and answered all of the study guide questions by next class (yes, I'll be checking).

Have a nice weekend - but it's supposed to rain.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hist 12: Wednesday, May 11

Today, we reviewed for our WW2 unit exam that will take place tomorrow.

En 11: Wednesday, May 11

Today, we started by posting a comment to the blog in order to give our feedback about my use of rubrics to assess your writing (dated May 6th).  We spent the remainder of the class editing our LOTF symbolism paragraphs.  We also introduced the idea of student writers guilds as a tool to help in the writing process.  We shall continue with this process next class.

En 12: Wednesday, 11 May

Today, we started by posting a comment to the blog in order to give our feedback about my use of rubrics to assess your writing (dated May 6th).  Next, I gave a PPT presentation to discuss some of the different interpretations of Hamlet.  For homework, please come with a few responses to this prompt:

"What essential questions does Hamlet help us answer?"

We will use this as the basis for our end-of-unit essay.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

En 12: Mon-Tues, 9-10 May

We watched the Hamlet DVD.  Our next activity is to have a PPT-directed discussion in order to illuminate some different interpretations of the play.

Monday, May 9, 2011

En 11 - 1: Monday, 9 May

Today I returned the LOTF symbolism paragraphs.  We reviewed the use of transitions (sign posts) and then re-wrote our paragraphs.  We will continue with this writing on Wednesday.  It took a while, but by the second half of the block I was satisfied with the focused work being done.  Keep it up.

Hist 12: Monday 9 May

Today we reviewed the timeline for the war, and then wrote a few summary statements in our notes.  Next, we discussed the Pacific theatre in a PPT presentation.  Finally, we looked at more vocab terms from p. 78 of the workbook: # 31 - 50; we covered #53 - 64 in the PPT.

Please read about the war conferences (p. 78  vocab #70 - 74: find the relevant sections) for homework.  Also, check out DeMarco pp. 154-55 and Global Forces p. 137.

En 11: Monday, 9 May

Today, we did a close reading of Chapter 8 and discussed the evolving conflict.  Please read the Beelzebub handout and Chapter 10 for homework.  Don't forget to keep your study guides up to date.