Friday, December 17, 2010


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Thursday, December 16, 2010

En 12: Notes from Thursday, 16 Dec

Today we finished the play and discussed the format of Friday's objective test.  I noted that one question will relate to the idea of the "Greek tragic hero" (sometimes referred to as an Aristotilian tragic hero.  Here are the basics:

a) these characters are basically good people

b) however, they have a basic flaw, of which they are unaware, and that flaw causes their downfall (death?) *the flaw is often greed or hubris (pride)

c) they realize their flaw, but only after it's too late to stop their fall (if they didn't realize their flaw and try to fix it, their fall would be "random" and unsatisfying for the audience).

d) the audience knows about the flaw before the characters do; as the characters realize their flaws they can unburden themselves - this is cathartic for them AND the audience.


Remember, you must know the characters names for the first two sections of the test.  Also, it would be wise to review your quotable quotations.  Didn't writeany down?  Go on-line and do a Hamlet quotations search.  Good luck. 

Don't forget breakfast, tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

En 12: notes from Wed 15 Dec

Thanks to all who have been working so hard to collect donations for the class food hamper drive.

Please ensure you've completed the reading of Act V, ii for tomorrow's class.  We'll review it and then go over the format for the objective final to be written on Friday.

SS11: notes fro Wednesday, 15 Dec

Today we reviewed the Paris Peace and Canada's step towards autonomy.  We then reviewed the other steps Canada took to increase her independence from Britain in the 20s and 30s.  Next, we did a paragraph writing workshop using the topic of autonomy as our focus.  Thanks to those of you who shared your writing ideas.

Please complete a paragraph to hand in on Friday:

"Discuss the steps Canada took to achieve autonomy in the twentieth century."

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

En 11-2:Notes from Tues 14 Dec

Today we read Act 3, Scenes iv-vi.  We discussed the banquet scene and how Macbeth would likely act/behave/think/feel during this powerful scene.  We also find out from Hecate, the queen of the witches, that Macbeth is going to return for more prophesies.  I wonder how that is going to turn out.  In Scene vi, we learn from Lennox that people in the land are questioning Macbeth's throne and the likelihood that all of these sons would be killing their fathers - they seem to lack a motive.  Macbeth, the tyrant, might have to watch his back now that Macduff is gone to England.

Remember to post a journal comment to the blog - if you have computer issues, you may hand in your journal entries by hand.  Yes, your entries will be given a mark.

Remember, also, to read the play and prepare to read your parts:

En 11-1: Notes from Tues 14 Dec

We read and discussed Act 4 (we got to line 130 of Scene 3).  We took notes for Act 4, Scene 1 and noted the new prophesies given to Macbeth during his visit to the witches.  Please ensure you have read all of Act for for Thursday - expect a reading quiz.

En 12: Notes from Tues, 14 Dec

Today we read and discussed Act IV, v-vi.  We also watched two versions of Scene v in order to see how this could be acted.

Tomorrow we will read and discuss IV, vii and perhaps V, i.  We decided to have our objective test on Friday.

Those interested in collecting for the food bank/hampers in West Sechelt, can meet at my place at 6pm tonight.  Bring boxes to hold whatever we collect.  Aurora and Brittany are coming; if you need a ride you may ask one of them for help.

En 10: Notes from Tues 14 Dec

Today we practiced our plays and worked on places we should pause or add emphasis.  We also looked how to structure an essay and worked on designing a thesis statement and connecting it to the themes (big ideas) of a topic.

Tomorrow we will finish our looking at how to outline an essay and then you will write your Henry V leadership essay.

On Thursday we will review for your objective test which will be Friday.