Thursday, September 23, 2010

Social Studies 11 for Tuesday 28 Sept.

Please complete the table for Exercise 9.  You must have an understanding of the political spectrum and be able to link policies to the party that they represent.  On Tuesday you will create a party, a platform and a poster to advertise it.  Bring your imaginations and remember where you fall on the political spectrum.

English 12 for Friday, 23 September

Thanks, those of you who shared your ideas on the notion of privacy today.  Please remember to have the book read for Tuesday.  We will do the privacy paragraph on Tuesday, and I'll return your essays at that time.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

English 11 September 22 discussion on Pender's future

After our introductory discussion on some of the challenges that face our school in the future, please add a comment to this post in response.  You may wish to view some of the comments that the grad class made on the English 12 post of September 17.  Thanks.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

En 12: Assignment for Wednesday, 21 Sept.

Please read the next two chapters or so.

En 10 Assignment started Tuesday, Sept 21 + Reading Homework

The Catcher in the Rye: Weekly Research Topic #3:

What’s Bothering Holden?

Step One:  In groups, do a quick Internet investigation of one of the following topics associated with Holden’s behaviour:

            Post-traumatic stress disorder
            Clinical depression
            The five stages of grief
            The impact of death in a family

                        You may wish to sub-divide the topic even further.  For example, you                                          
                         could look for:

                        What is it /its history?
                        What are the causes?
                        What are its symptoms?
                        What is its treatment?

Step Two: One member from each group will be asked to report his or her group’s findings to the class.

Step Three:  Students will return to their desks and write a paragraph that answers the prompt shown at the top of the page.  Paragraphs should be over 100 words, double-spaced, and typed.

We will finish the paragraph on Wed, Sept 22.


SS 11 Assignment due Thursday, Sept 23

Please read the workbook section on elections and the political spectrum (pages 20 - 29).  You may wish to view the PowerPoint presentation on the political spectrum by clicking on other presentations by Jeff Marshall on the blog post that has the "Elections" PowerPoint.  More information is found in the textbook, pages 253 - 258.  Good luck.

English 12: Reminder for Wednesday, 22 September

I have information regarding the LPI offered by UBC - the rules have changed for this year's exams - please remind me to discuss it next class.  Don't know what the LPI is?  You can Research it on the Web.

Monday, September 20, 2010

English 11-1 and 11-2 Homework for Wednesday, 22 September

Please ensure you completed the homework from last class and have read the novel and answered the study guide questions.  We will discuss the novel as a whole and you should expect a reading quiz.

English 12 Tuesday, 21 September Assignment

Please be ready to do your theme essay in class on Tuesday.  You may bring whatever resources will help you do an exemplary job.