Thursday, May 17, 2012

History 12: Thursday 17 May

Today we watched the classic Cold War satire Dr. Strangelove: by understanding the cliches, you understand the topic.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

History 12: Wednesday, 16 May

We started by reviewing the responses for the NATO/Warsaw Pact study.  I think it is valuable to interact with original documents and interpret/compare/contrast them.  Next, we reviewed the answers for the Soviet "revolts" table.  Both activities will help you complete the workbook exercises I issued in the closing minutes of the block.  You should be able to move through those quickly, and I'd like them completed for next class.

Eng 12: Wednesday, 16 May

Today we looked at a character study of Biff in DOAS.  I thought you came up with good observations but was most impressed with the quality of the quotations you found (attention: touchy-feely-teacher-moment: you guys are really getting it).  Tomorrow, many students are away for the Biology trip, so I'll do some writing support with those of you who are here.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hist 12: Tuesday, 15 May

Today I collected the NATO/Warsaw Pact treaty comparison questions - we'll review them tomorrow, so tonight is your last chance to get them done.  Next, we discussed McCarthyism through the Herb Block political cartoons.  It is important to recognize that the HUACommittee existed before the Cold War, but was in no way so influential as it was after McCarthy's involvement.  I always find it amazing that McCarthy felt so empowered that he would attack both Presidents (Truman and Ike).

I also issued a review package of the Cold War with a fill-in-the-blank format and a table to complete as a review of the events/revolts that were problems for the Soviets from 1946-1981.  Please have them all complete for tomorrow.

Law 12: Tuesday, 16 May

Today I found that few students were prepared for a discussion of Chapter 14.  Thus, I assigned Chapter 15 so that those who were ready had something to do to keep themselves engaged.  I will do a homework check of both chapters tomorrow.  ALSO, remember we'll have a Chapter 12 quiz tomorrow - vocab terms + the 8 common causes for civil litigation (as per the diagram attached).

English 12: Tuesday, 15 May

Today we finished the play; you all have come great leaps in your ability to read in front of the class.  Today's readings were first-rate.  We ended the class with twenty minutes to finish up the study guide questions.  We'll start looking at the play as a whole tomorrow.  You should expect some work on character and theme.  With some pre-writing activities as a group and on your own.  Please complete 15 of the #11-34 questions for homework - I'll start with a check tomorrow.

En 8: Tuesday, 15 May

Today we worked on paragraph # 2 (and some worked on paragraph #3).  I am enjoying the chance to work with you one-to-one in the editing/revision process.  I continue to be very satisfied with the effort and progress that you are making.  Who would think that you would stay engaged in the writing process to effectively over such sustained periods of time.  Keep up the great work - there is no homework.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Eng 12: Monday, 14 May

Today we started with a review of the a, b, and c terms from the Eng 12 vocab terms sheet.  You all seemed to know your stuff.  We finished by reading pp. 103 - 122.5.  Tomorrow we'll finish reading the play and then get down to some writing.  It would be nice if everyone pre-read the closing scenes for homework.

Law 12: Monday, 14 May

Today we worked out the damages for the case on p. 231 of the text.  You can see how important it is to have adequate liability coverage when you drive a car (at least 3 million $ is now recommended).  At the end of class we did a quick overview of the first tort law chapter.  Please read Chapt 14 and do the reading questions for homework.  We'll do the cases in class, so have them read, BUT you need not answer the related questions if there are any.

History 12: Monday, 14 May

Today we tidied up our focus on the Korean War: we did a map/timeline activity and finished the PPT discussion.  I also issued a compare/contrast activity for NATO treaty and the Warsaw Pact treaty.  Please do that tonight for homework - we'll review it tomorrow.  We then discussed the death of Stalin and the rise of Khrushchev.  We now have a new model for confrontation: Peaceful Co-existence and the Eisenhower Doctrine.