Friday, May 6, 2011

Eng 12: Thursday, 5 May

Today we finished the play - thanks to those who have, for the whole play, been able to be in class to complete the readings they signed up for.  Thanks also, to those who so willingly volunteered to step in when others were absent.

We watched Act 2 of the movie, but it seemed some were getting sleepy.  Is it worthwhile to continue, or was the lack of interest a symptom of the class being on an afternoon prior to a four-day weekend?

SS 11: Thursday, 5 May

Today I gave the chapter quiz for the 1920s (with a few references to main ideas from the 1920s).  Afterwords, we started a PPT discussion on Canadian society in the post-war era.  Please read Chapter 7 in Global Forces for homework.  On Tuesday, we will discuss the chapter and finish the PPT. 

On another point, there are only five weeks left in the course.  We have to wrap up the society unit and then complete the geography unit.  Please do not ask me for "breaks," there just isn't time if you want to be prepared for your final exam.  We are being blessed with terrible weather right now - it will only get more difficult when the sun arrives - your commitment to your learning is personal - choose wisely.

Hist 12: Thursday, 5 May

Today we reviewed some of the vocab terms from the list for WW2 in the workbook.  We also discussed a PPT on the Eastern Front and then viewed 15 minutes of a documentary on Stalingrad.  We noted that Stalingrad is one of the 1942 "turning point" battles.  You should continue your chapter readings on WW2 for homework.

A good overview of the war can be found here:

Mr. Marshall's English Marking

A current goal of the school is to improve student writing.  One of the ways we have addressed this is to change the way we mark your writing.  Please respond to the following prompt:

"Having been assessed using both the 6-point holistic scale and the current rubric, tell which you prefer, and why?"

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

En 12: Wed., 4 May

Today, we read Act V, Sc 1 and part of Sc 2.  Tomorrow, we'll finish the play and then write many, many long, difficult essays! He, he, he (evil laugh...).

Hist 12: Wed., 4 May

Today, we reviewed the timeline for the start of the Second World War.  We then divided the era into the inter-war years, the first half where the Axis is winning, and the second half when the Allies are winning.  We discussed the notion of strategy vs. tactics and looked at how doctrine influences the types of equipment a military needs to produce.  Next, we had a PPT discussion on Operation Dynamo (the evacuation of Dunkirk at the end of the Battle of France), and then did the same for the Battle of Britain.  Please read Chapter 12 of DeMarco. 

Enjoy the dance.

En 11: Wed., 4 May

Today we wrote our LOTF symbols paragraph using the laptops.  When finished, students were asked to read Chapters 8-9 (p. 135-170).  Don't forget to make note of the page numbers where you locate the answers to the study guide questions.  Please come to class on Monday with your reading completed.  Remember that I often follow up a reading assignment with a reading quiz.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

En 12: Tuesday, 3 May

Today we finished Act 4 and doled out the parts for Act 5.  Enjoy the game tonight, but read Hamlet before it starts so that you are prepared for class tomorrow.

History 12: Tuesday, 3 May

Today we continued our study of China and Japan befor the Second World War.  We did Ex # 14 and I issued another map exercise.  We also discussed the Nanking Massacre and the bias involved in its reporting.  We looked at four reasons why the Japanese soldiers might have acted the way they did.  We also took some notes specific to China and the conflict between Mao and Chiang Kie Shek.

Tomorrow, we begin the Second World War.  Read Chapter 11 of DeMarco.

SS11: Tuesday, 3 May

Today, we did a review (fun) quiz on the 1930s.  We'll have the real quiz next class.  We also looked at the preamble to the Regina Manifesto of the CCF (from 1933).  I suggest you Google the parties from the quiz and write a one line summary of each.  What did they believe in or do/achieve.  Do the same for the leaders (federal and some of the main provincial ones - again, from the quiz).  In general, what did the Depression do to the Canadian political landscape?  Did the role of gov't change?  Was that change lasting?

Here is a summary of the key vocab terms.  You might also check the terms from the first page of the chapter on the 1930s in your Falk workbook.

Monday, May 2, 2011

En 12: Monday, 2 May

Today, we read Act 4, Scenes 1-4.  We discussed Claudius' reaction to the news that Hamlet has killed Polonius.  We also get comedic relief as Hamlet is slow to reveal where P's body is.  Scene 4 gives us Fortinbras as a foil to Hamlet.  Remember the motivation for Hamlet's change of heart is the realization that Fortinbras is really fighting for honour, since the land he seeks is an "egg shell."

Please prepare the following parts:
Act IV, Sc v:
Claudius          Matt
Gertrude          Tasha
Hortio              Janine
Gentleman       Dom
Ophelia            Breanna
Laertes             Zackbert

Act IV, Sc vi:
Horatio           Amanda
Servant           Zackbert
1 Sailor           Matt
2 Sailor           Dylbert

Act IV, Sc vii
Claudius         Mr. Marshall
Laertes            Janine
Messenger      Zackbert
Gertrude         Amanda

History 12: Monday, May 2

Today we read and briefly discussed the Spanish Civil War 1936-39.  We also looked at some posters/cartoons and discussed things like bias and audience.  Next we reviewed Caspr2 and the Hitler's road to war.  We also did a run-through of the first parts of WW2: Poland, Winter War, Phoney War (Sitskrieg), Battle (Fall) of France, Battle of Britain.

Next, we discussed the early history of China and Japan.  Please read the Global Forces text section on China (up to 1949).  There is also a brief section in DeMarco.  Finally, read the workbook pages 177-79.

En 11-2: Monday, 2 May

The comments for this post are the same as the other class.  Here are your notes - good work!

En 11-2: Monday, 2 May

Hey, what's up? April showers bring May showers? :(

Today we did a reading quiz for Chapters 6-7 of LOTF and then we discussed the use of symbolism in the novel.  We took some notes and then started to work on a paragraph discussion of the topic. 

We will work on that paragraph next class - your homework is to come to class with a topic sentence, three symbols to discuss WITH at least two supporting quotations for each.