Monday, May 2, 2011

En 12: Monday, 2 May

Today, we read Act 4, Scenes 1-4.  We discussed Claudius' reaction to the news that Hamlet has killed Polonius.  We also get comedic relief as Hamlet is slow to reveal where P's body is.  Scene 4 gives us Fortinbras as a foil to Hamlet.  Remember the motivation for Hamlet's change of heart is the realization that Fortinbras is really fighting for honour, since the land he seeks is an "egg shell."

Please prepare the following parts:
Act IV, Sc v:
Claudius          Matt
Gertrude          Tasha
Hortio              Janine
Gentleman       Dom
Ophelia            Breanna
Laertes             Zackbert

Act IV, Sc vi:
Horatio           Amanda
Servant           Zackbert
1 Sailor           Matt
2 Sailor           Dylbert

Act IV, Sc vii
Claudius         Mr. Marshall
Laertes            Janine
Messenger      Zackbert
Gertrude         Amanda

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