Wednesday, September 29, 2010

En 10 Homework due Thursday, 30 Sept

Please rewrite your "What's Bothering Holden" paragraphs before tomorrow's class.  Do not just rewrite what you wrote the first time with my editting included.  Please re-write the paragraph - this is not to say you can't recycle the general idea or some of the key phrases.  Think specifically about your introduction and conclusion.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

SS11 Homework due Thursday, 30 September

Please find a few details on the financial policies of two of the five national parties listed on your political parties table.  Then,  attach a comment to this post outlining which party you think you would most likely support in an election and tell why.  Your post need only be about five sentences long.

You will be designing your own political party next class and in the next few classes you will have a government unit pre-exam.  You really should be reviewing material such as the Quizlet cards.