Friday, March 2, 2012

Law 12: Friday, 2 March

Today we did the Chapter 6 terms quiz and then reviewed for next Thursday's Chapter 5-6 test.  Have a good weekend.

Hist 12: Friday, 2 March

Today, as you all know because you we all here, we wrote our Russia test.  You now have a better idea of the detail of a unit assessment.  You can see the application of the must, should, and could knows.  The objective questions focus on the must knows, whereas the subjective paragraph responses allow you to apply the variety of could knows you've learned: welcome to the arts.

Our next focus will be the rise of fascism, and we shall begin with DeMarco, Chapter 5 - Italy.  In addition to the text, we'll use workbook readings and exercises to revisit the ideological basis of fascism and compare it to democracy.

As you know, I will not be in class Monday to Wednesday, so our work will begin Thursday.


Sorry for missing the majority of the posts from Thursday - these are heady times.  I'll endeavor to be more judicious in meeting my portion of our social contract in the future.  I wonder what I would say to you if you missed an assignment?

Eng 8: Thursday, 1 March

Today we had a very productive writing block.  We shall continue working on our paragraphs on heroism in The Outsiders, next class.  I'm glad to see your willingness to experiment with the writing process and not be so tied to the idea of just "getting it done."  Have a good weekend - no homework.

History 12: Thursday, 1 March

Today we reviewed the Russia unit 1905-1939.  Tomorrow we shall write the test.  Remember, it's always a good idea to think of any topic with regards to the SPERM-G acronym.  We looked at the treaties aspect of politics and the economic policies as an example.

Good luck.

Law 12: Thursday, 1 March

Today we did the terms crossword puzzle from Chapter 6 - tomorrow we will do the Chapter 6 quiz.  We also discussed the cases for Chapter 6; you showed that you are really starting to think in a different way: in the past you used plain logic and opinion to guide your answers - now you are more inclined to pair legal principles with your logic.  Tomorrow we'll review Chapters 5-6, and when we return from the BCTF strike, we'll be writing the unit test.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

English 12: Thursday, 1 March

Please copy a sentence or two from your descriptive paragraphs and post it/them as a comment.  Don't forget to tell what it is about the sentence that you like or, what about it makes it an example of good writing.  If you wish, you may post this one with or without your name.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Law 12: Wed 29 Feb

Today we did the Chapter 5 terms quiz and then have small-group discussions around the R v. Kesler case found on p. 102 of the text.  I was pleased with the general level of engagement.  As usual, collectively you managed to come up with all of the right answers - good work.  There is no homework tonight.

En 12: Wed 29 Feb

Today we took our look at sentence stucture one step further, then when into the lab to write the rough copy of a descriptive paragraph on a setting associated with the novels we read.  Tomorrow, we'll finish the paragraphs and reexamine at our essays.

Hist 12: Wed 29 Feb

Today we watched the Salin video and reviewed Ex #18 - the companion sheet.  We also reviewed Ex. #19-20.  Ensure you complete your pieces of the "divide and conquer" review activity.  We'll have our Paris Peace/Russia/USSR unit test on Friday.

P.s.: who would have thought that Katy Perry would have written about the great Stakonov in "Hot and Cold."

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Law 12: Tuesday, 28 Feb

Today we worked on criminal defences in Chapter 6 - you should get the questions finished at home if you failed to do so in class.  We shall have our Chapter 5 terms quiz tomorrow.

Eng 12: Tuesday, 28 Feb

Today we recorded our first essay on our new writing logs.  We then worked on "the basics" with a mind that if we look after the small things, the more complex things won't seem such big deals.  I hope we all now see how by manipulating "names/tells more" we can vary our sentence length, work between simple, compound and complex sentences, and eliminate run-ons and fragments.  Check out how many aspects of the writing rubric that alone will satisfy.  We shall continue tomorrow and look at editing our essays.

History12: Tuesday, 28 Feb

Today we had a 10-question oral quiz on Russia from the March Revolution to the Purges.  That should give you a good idea of where you stand - they were all core questions.   We also debriefed DeMarco Chapter 4.  Tomorrow we'll watch the Stalin video and review the workbook exercises - please ensure your homework is done.

Eng 8: Tuesday, 28 Feb

Today we continued with the writing process associated with our Outsiders paragraphs.  There is no homework today.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Hist 12: Monday, 27 Feb

Today we watched the end of the Rus. rev. video.  We also reviewed the economic timeline: War Communism Nov 1917 - March 1921; N.E.P. March 1921 - 1928; and then the 5-Year Plans and Collectivization under Stalin.  We also compared Trotsky's vision of world revolution to Stalin's "Socialism in One Country."

We tried to debrief DeMarco but all of the gentlemen failed to achieve the goal of answering the questions.

Please do all of the work book exercises from the most recent package (except #18) for homework.  Tomorrow we'll watch the Stalin video.