Friday, February 3, 2012

Law 12: Friday 3 feb

Today we did the Chapter Two quick quiz - we'll do a more detailed quiz next week.  We also discussed the beginning of Chapt 3 - you had many interesting questions.  I like the way one question leads to another so quickly - I have to keep on my toes if I don't want to get too far off topic.  Please review pp. 45-52 over the weekend.

En 12: Friday, Feb 3

I've been very pleased with the way you have committed to our new novel study unit.  Please post a comment to this post outlining your first response/impressions of your novel.

History 12: Friday, 3 Feb

Today we had our mock Paris peace talks.  The process was a bit rough in spots, but I thought that by the end you had a better idea of how it could/should work.  Most of you noted that you would like to have more historical facts/timelines/background info for next time.  I agree; that would help.  The good news is that as the course goes on, you will be gaining that knowledge so that these types of activities will get easier and easier.  On Monday, we'll discuss the League of Nations and look as strategies for examining political cartoons.

En 8: Friday 3 Feb

Today we did a "quick-write"on one of two prompts: 1) the collaborative process; or, 2) the power of friendship.  Afterwords we had a lesson on how to structure a paragraph.  For homework, please be read up to the end of Chapter 9 in The Outsiders.  Thanks for a great class - you all worked well and I enjoyed your enthusiasm.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Law 12: Thursday 2 Feb

Today we finished the p.28 table (and I made my first mistake of the year - thanks for catching it).  Next, we heard the judge's decision in the 1983 Stephen Dawson case concerning the right to life.  Then we completed a review of the chapter terms and used them to complete a crossword puzzle.  Finally, I told you about your first quiz - 10 matching (words to definitions) questions, that will be tomorrow.

Keep up the good work.

En 8: Thursday, 2 Feb

Today we started with some collaborative problem solving to address the Internet access issues that some class members had while trying to post blog comments for homework.  Some students had read Chapter 7 so they worked independently to read Chapter 8 while I read Chapter 7 to the others.  Please read the rest of Chapter 7 and all of Chapter 8 for homework.  If time is a factor, it is fine to have someone help to do the reading.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Law 12: Wednesday, 1 Feb

Today we completed the table comparing scenarios similar to the Dawson case. 

Next we completed p. 32 # 15, 16, 17 and p. 35 # 23, 26.  We then each took one cell to complete from the p.28 table and will share the answers tomorrow.  There is no other homework.  Another good class!

En 12: Wednesday, Feb 1

Today, I had a chance to check in with the group reading The Fallen.  We also did a whole-class review of the elements of fiction.  I will try to give you some class time to read each day, but I will also find some generic activities to break up the routine.  Any time your group wants to meet outside to have a reading discussion circle, feel free to do so.  I would be pleased to observe in order to gauge your learning and act as a resource person.

Hist 12: Wednesday, Feb 1

Today, you answered Demarco Ex 2 (p. 31) and I modelled concise written answers.  Then we orally answered Ex 4 (p. 34) and Ex 5 (p. 36); make notes at home as you see fit.  Next, I issed the peace treaty talks assignment and we each chose a leader to represent.  We spent the last 15 minutes researching the John D Clare website and discussed the value of research that includes primary sources as opposed to relying solely on secondary or tertiary sources such as Wikipedia.

For homework, please complete Workbook Ex 3 on Wislon's 14 Points.  We'll do Ex 4 after the peace talks debate, on Friday, 3 Feb.  Thursday will be a work day to prep the debate.  Costumes anyone?

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Law 12: Tuesday 31 Jan

Today we did a quick review of some of the concepts we discussed yesterday and then examined the pros and cons of a legal system based on precedents.  Then we broke into groups and examined the specifics of the Dawson case described on pp 35- 36.  We added some fictional cases to see how our views on the law might change.  You did very well on this task and it makes me thinks ours is going to be an interesting class to work with.  We'll finish reporting our findings tomorrow.

En 12: Tuesday, Jan 31

Today we reviewed the use of Faye Brownlie's four-quadrant reading chart to help connect with our novels.  I demonstrated its use using the opening two pages of 1984.  We also discussed how to use stickie notes to connect as we read.  In this way each of us will have a more autonomous and personal experience.

Next, I met with the 1984 and BNW groups and we had short meetings to discuss the opening ideas in those novels.  I thought your ideas and questions were right on the mark.  Remember we all need to keep to the reading completion schedules that our groups set.

Thanks for a great class - very professional work.

Hist 12: Tuesday, 31 Jan

Today we read one another's "world in 1919" paragraphs and then turned them in.  Next we watched the "Make Germany Pay" video and had a short discussion.  Next, we read pp 27-28 in Demarco and then answered the Exercise 1 questions together on the board.  Finally I gave a brief lecture using the "Playas at the Paris Peace" PPT slides.  PLEASE READ DEMARCO PP 29 - 36 FOR HOMEWORK - WE'LL DO ANY QUESTIONS IN CLASS TOMORROW.

En 8: Tuesday, Jan 31

Today we read and discussed Chapter Six.  Please post a comment to the blog if yours is not on the slide.  Also, please read Chapter Seven for homework.

Monday, January 30, 2012

En 12: Monday, 30 Jan

Oops - sorry this post is a bit late in the day.  Today we had a pretty relaxing slide into the course.  I introduced some of the ideas I've been thinking about in terms of how the course could run.  First, I will be incorporating more choice - life won't be totally democratic, but where it is possible, I'll try to give you more input.  This was realized today when you chose to start the course with a novel study and were given four choices to read.  I talked about how you will be getting fewer "formal" written assignments "for marks" so you will have to continue your transition away from "working only for food pellets" (yes, that's a metaphor for only writing when it counts for a grade).  Our second unit will be involve poetry and in our third unit we'll read a play (either Hamlet or Death of a Salesman - your choice).  I hope this allows you to experience more enjoyment, but remember, with freedom comes responsibility - I know you'll make us proud.

Tomorrow we'll start with the lit circle format - remember, we need to have the novels read in two or three weeks.

Law 12: Monday Jan 30

Today we were introduced to the foundations of the Canadian legal system.  We looked at the six functions of the law and the two main classes of laws.  We also started to read Chapter 2 - please read the rest of Chapter 2 for homework and be prepared to discuss its contents (including answering some questions) in tomorrow's class.

I thought you were a great group today, and I look forward to the remainder of the course.

Hist 12: Monday 30 Jan

Today we did a review of the First World War from both a political and military standpoint.  This sets us up to begin looking at the peace talks, tomorrow.  Please confirm your learning by writing a concise 150 word paragraph as we discussed in class.  Remember to think about the big-picture "must-knows."  Also,  don't forget to explain the importance of the points you choose to include by writing some "so-whats."

Please hand in your paragraph at the start of tommorow's class.  There is no reading homework.