Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hist 12: Wednesday, Feb 1

Today, you answered Demarco Ex 2 (p. 31) and I modelled concise written answers.  Then we orally answered Ex 4 (p. 34) and Ex 5 (p. 36); make notes at home as you see fit.  Next, I issed the peace treaty talks assignment and we each chose a leader to represent.  We spent the last 15 minutes researching the John D Clare website and discussed the value of research that includes primary sources as opposed to relying solely on secondary or tertiary sources such as Wikipedia.

For homework, please complete Workbook Ex 3 on Wislon's 14 Points.  We'll do Ex 4 after the peace talks debate, on Friday, 3 Feb.  Thursday will be a work day to prep the debate.  Costumes anyone?

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