Friday, February 10, 2012

Law 12: Fri 10 Feb

Today we reviewed the rest of the Chapter 3 questions.  We also worked on #29 together in groups and then reported our responses so they could be compared to one another.  Finally, we discussed the two cases at the end of the chapter.  There will be no Chapter 3 quiz on Monday - it will be Tuesday instead.  Enjoy you weekend.

Hist 12: Fri 10 Feb

Today, we reviewed Marx's vision for the transition from capitalism to the workers' utopia.  Next, we started the study of the events that led to the 1905 October Manifesto - really the Tsar's last chance to save his throne.  You should know about the Russo-Japanese War and the dissatisfaction caused by the Portsmouth Treaty.  Bloody Sunday and Father Gapon are also must knows.  We also looked at the different groups that made up Russian society at the turn of the century.  Please read the handout on the Stolypin agrarian reforms for homework.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Law 12: Thursday, 9 Feb

Today, we did the re-test for the Chapter 2 quiz.  We'll do Chapter 3 on Monday.  We spent the rest of the block reviewing the answers for the Chapter 3 questions.  Tomorrow we'll finish and then do the Chapter 3 crossword and terms review.  I'm looking forward to seeing how you do at discussing the three cases that come at the end opf Chapter 3.

History: Thursday, 9 Feb

Today we shifted focus and moved away from Paris towards the Russian revolutions.  We began today with an examination of Marx and Marxism through a PPT and collaborative brainstorming activity.  From that, I asked that you create your own concise definition.  It is important to relize that what we will see in Russia, and later, in China, is not what Marx envisioned.  It is also important to remember that as historians we must be mindful of our own world view and the biases that go along with it.  You are encouraged to look beyond the discussions and readings in class for extra information.  Even the documentaries on YouTube will add to your perspective.  Our brief discussion on the Enlightenment, for example, gives meaning to a discussion of Marx.  For homework, please read pp 71-71  in the big text and pp22-24 in the handbook.  For tomorrow's class I need you to have finished the paragraph on the Paris Peace and the League of Nations.

En 12: Thursday, 9 Feb

Today, we had a self-directed block.  Students used the time to read idependently or in pairs, to respond in their journals, or to meet in their lit circles.  Please be responsible about keeping to your group's reading deadlines.

En 8: Thursday, 9 Feb

Today, we finished The Outsiders!  Because we are on a linear schedule, it took us longer than I like, but I think we were wise to speed up in the end.  Please write a reflection now that we're done.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Law 12: Wed 8 Feb.

Today we did work from the textbook - Chapter 3:

p. 43: 2, 4, 5, 6

p. 49: 12, 13, 14, 18

p. 51: 23

p. 52 25, 26

p. 52: 28

p. 54: 30  OR  p. 55: 31 (we'll do 29 together in class)


Hi 12: Wed 08 Feb

Today was a work period.  See Tuesday's post for homework due on Friday.

En 12: Wed 8 Feb

Today we used most of the class to practice the recipe for pragraph writing.  We used the last ten minutes to read our novels.

Eng 12: Wed 8 Feb

Here are photos of the whiteboards that had our inquiry questions from our reviews of the three novels: Brave New World; The Fallen; and, 1984.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Eng 12: Tuesday, 7 Feb

Today we reviewed the criteria for journal entries and then took turns having lit circle meetings in the library.  Some students were unable to meet their reading deadlines and they could see how difficult it made having a good discussion.  Please try to be prepared next time; remember you can meet in your groups anytime - you don't have to wait until Monday.

Law 12: Tuesday, 7 Feb

Today we reviewed the handout on the differences between written and unwritten law and then we discussed the process of creating statutes in Ottawa.  Afterwords, we wrote definitions of the terms at the end of Chapter 3, then went outside and had a boys vs. girls competition to see who could match definitions to terms the fastest: the girls poned!

We will have our Chapter 2 re-test on Thursday.  Tomorrow we will answer some questions from Chapter 3.

History 12: Tuesday, 7 Feb

Today we reviewed the League cartoons PPT and reviewed the responses to W.S. #8 and #9.  I issued # 10 and #12.  They are due Friday.  We'll work on them tomorrow, as well as write a summarrizing "what/so-what" on the Paris Peace and the League.  As discussed in class it should be 200-250 words and if possible, typed.  Also, be sure to address both parts of the prompt.  Ex. #12 should help with the so-whats for the League portion of the assignment.  The paragraph is also due Friday.

En 8: Tuesday, 7 Feb

Today, we debriefed Chapter 9 of the novel and had a good discussion about the line, "Stay gold Ponyboy."  We also discussed the value of figurative language - especially metaphors and similes.  Next, we read Chapter 10 together and decided that you would read Chapter 11 for homework (it's very short).  We'll finish reading the novel on Thursday and then look at some writing assignments. 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Law 12: Monday 6 Feb

Today I returned the quiz and we debriefed it. We then reviewed Friday's lesson and introduced a study of the division of courts in BC.  There is no homework; tomorrow we'll answer some of the questions for Chapter 3 and get to some of the cases.

Hi 12: Monday Feb 6

Today we discussed the League of Nations.  We had a PPT-supported lesson using political cartoons to  examine the League with a focus on the USA.  Please complete workbook exercises 8-9 for homework.  These come from pp 15-18 in Falk.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Law 12: Quiz Results: Sunday, 5 Feb

The results from the first quiz were disappointing for the majority of the class.