Thursday, February 9, 2012

History: Thursday, 9 Feb

Today we shifted focus and moved away from Paris towards the Russian revolutions.  We began today with an examination of Marx and Marxism through a PPT and collaborative brainstorming activity.  From that, I asked that you create your own concise definition.  It is important to relize that what we will see in Russia, and later, in China, is not what Marx envisioned.  It is also important to remember that as historians we must be mindful of our own world view and the biases that go along with it.  You are encouraged to look beyond the discussions and readings in class for extra information.  Even the documentaries on YouTube will add to your perspective.  Our brief discussion on the Enlightenment, for example, gives meaning to a discussion of Marx.  For homework, please read pp 71-71  in the big text and pp22-24 in the handbook.  For tomorrow's class I need you to have finished the paragraph on the Paris Peace and the League of Nations.

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