Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Well, that's all, folks!

Dear students,

I guess this is the end of Mr. Marshall's Pender Blog for the time being.  As I post this, nearly 18,000 views would suggest it has been a useful endeavor.  I would like to thank you for your part in what has been for me, a wonderful past number of years.  We have had our ups and downs and been affected by stressors from within and without our school, but through it all, we have managed.  I like to think that a big reason for that is the family atmosphere that we have.  Yes, our school is small and no, it doesn't offer the broad selection of courses and activities that a larger school can, but we do feel connected and cared-for.  I have always tried to foster a sense of academic and personal responsibility for you, without neglecting the need for laughs.  I have tried to adapt our classroom to follow what I see as best practices and that has meant the need for flexibility on your part.  I like to think that we have fostered a relationship of mutual trust and respect and the result has been the creation of what I hope you will agree has been a desirable place to be.  In school, we often talk about how teachers help students, but I want to acknowledge that you have helped me.  There is no doubt that I leave Pender a better teacher than I arrived and I wish to thank you for supporting my pursuits both inside and outside of Room 102.

I'll be thinking of you...

Thursday, June 14, 2012

English 12: Thursday, 14 June

Today we reviewed the remainder of the English 12 terms and then discussed ways to outline the synthesis piece I assigned yesterday.  Tomorrow please come come prepared to do a little writing AND to continue our review for the exam.

English 8: Thursday, 14 June

It is a sad day for me today :(

For our last class together we took time to reflect on all that we have participated in together this year.  I was amazed at the depth of your recall and touched by the many kind words and wishes that you expressed both in your wonderfully genuine card and your reflective paragraphs.  It has been my great pleasure to work with you all.  I will remember you as an energetic, cooperative and willing group of students.  I never had to wait for volunteers; I never heard anyone say, "This is boring;" in fact, I never witnessed anything but kind and respectful behaviour.  It would be hard to find a better class anywhere.  I hope you can continue to model such positive behaviour in the future: you are wonderful role models and give me hope for the future of our school! You should be very proud of your many accomplishments (I know I am).

History 12: Thursday, 14 June

Today we did a Mid East Quiz - props on a good job; and then we did a south-Asia map activity - a bit rough the first time around, but quite strong the second time.  We then reviewed the Civil Rights PPT.  I also gave out a work/review sheet of the key elements of this topic.  Try to complete some of the "table" for homework. We also did a collective effort to answer the questions from an old Unit Five exam - you did very well for an off-the-cuff-no-studying perspective.  Tomorrow we'll start our review for the final.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

English 12: Wednesday, 13 June

Today we discussed the questions for the story The Chrysanthemums.  I asked you to create a chart to compare and contrast Elisa's character in terms of "strengths" and "weaknesses."  This is the type of question you might expect in Part A of your provincial.  I then asked you to compare and contrast Willy Loman from DOASalesman with the peddler in The Chrysanthemums.   This sort of synthesis activity is the type of thing you should expect from Part B of the provincial.  Please have both activities ready for tomorrow.

History 12: Wednesday, 13 June

Today we debriefed the Middle East work sheets and had a practice quiz linking our study of events to a map showing their location.  We also had a brief discussion about the nature of modern conflict and noted that on the surface it seems to be moving away from "conventional" western warfare in lieu of "irregular" (guerrilla warfare/acts of terror).  It will be interesting to see how the focus of the Canadian Forces shifts in a post-Afghanistan era.  Tomorrow we'll review the main learning points of the US civil rights movement and perhaps South African Apartheid.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

English 12: Tuesday, 12 June

Today we had a small class and so students used the time to practice their dramatic reading parts.  Ensure the questions for The Chrysanthemums are ready for tomorrow's class.

Law 12: Tuesday, 12 June

Today we had a small class and used it as a review/test rewrite day.  We'll finish Chapter 23 tomorrow.

English 8: Tuesday, 12 June

Today we started the class by trying to figure out where the multitude of alarm clocks ringing in the classroom were located.  Then we read the play Tender Places.  It was another typical Class of 2016 effort: 100%.  There is no homework - I'm saving it for the last class (on Thursday).

History 12: Tuesday, 12 June

Today we discussed the Fall of the USSR PPT.  Tomorrow we'll debrief the Middle East worksheets.

Monday, June 11, 2012

English 12: Monday, 11 June

Today I asked you to read The Chrysanthemums by Steinbeck.  I purposely did not "scaffold" this reading with teacher-support because you need to be "hardened" for the provincial exam.  Please come to the next class with the Question 1 responses completed (a-e).

History 12: Monday, 11 June

Today I issued worksheets for the kayakers that missed the two lessons on the Middle East - they watched the "Israel and the Arab States" video during lunch.  I also gave everyone the summary tables (Ex. 11 and 26).

We had a PPT discussion on the USSR/Afghanistan war 1979-1988.  We noted the bias in using terms such as "freedom fighter" and how the "optics" change depending on the side from which you are viewing.  Tomorrow we will examine the fall of the USSR's empire including the ideas of glasnost and perestroika

History 12: Afghan summary slide

Law 12: Monday, 11 June

Today we worked on Chapter 13 and started the debrief.  We got up to the case at #13.  We also discussed the No Call Registry.  Tomorrow we'll introduce the idea of liens and lien searches.  There is no homework - we'll finish debriefing Chapter 13 tomorrow.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Law 12: Friday, 8 June

Today we discussed the cases at the end of Chapter 19 and then reviewed the answers for the crossword puzzle.  We then democratically elected to do Chapters 23 and 25 as our final two pieces.  I issued the Chapter 23 handouts and we used the last 25 minutes to start the reading.  There is no homework for the weekend.

English 12: Friday, 8 June

Today we read Touching Bottom.  Afterwords, we discussed the various elements of conflict, both internal and external.  Next, we looked at some symbols: the colour yellow, lines on the pool bottom, murky water, leaches, and ocean ocean currents.  There are probably more; remember that repetition is a common characteristic of symbolism.  I wonder what themes we could come up with for this story.

For homework, create a paragraph that discusses either conflict or symbolism in Touching Bottom.  Don't forget to employ quotations for support and think about the elements of a sound paragraph such as topic sentence, signposts and a good closer.

History 12: Friday, 8 June

Today we did some Middle East map activities connected to locating countries associated with specific questions/events/ideas.  I then issued Ex #5-9 (for homework) and we watched the video Israel and the Arab States.  Have a good weekend.

Eng 8: Friday, 8 May

Today we read The Green Morning by Ray Bradbury.  We had a discussion about oxygen and some of its special concerns in certain environments.  Finally, we examined some of the elements of fiction in a group discussion about the lesson PPT.  There is no homework this weekend - enjoy yourselves.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

English 12: Thursday, 7 June

Today we read and discussed "On the Rainy River."  Please have your conflict paragraphs ready for tomorrow's class.

Law 12: Thursday, 7 June

Today we debriefed Chapter 19 - have the crossword ready for tomorrow's class.

English 8: Thursday, 7 June

Today we discussed the elements of survival and the questions we might ask if we found ourselves shipwrecked.  Then we read "Side Bet."  Finally, we wrote about a scene from the story FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF THE RAT.  Please have that ready for tomorrow's class.

History 12: Thursday, 7 June

Today we discussed the mother of all PPTs - 93 slides (ouch!) on the Middle East and Israel's four wars and the resulting peace process.  There is no homework. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Law 12: Wednesday, 6 June

Today we wrote the Chapter 16-18 test and then worked on Chapter 19 reading and questions.  There is no homework.

History 12: Wednesday, 6 June

Today we did a practice provincial exam as a means to review.  It was clear that we need to spend two days on the Middle East, two days on US Civil Rights, and a day on the fall of Communism.  There is no homework.

Eng 12: Wednesday, 6 June

Today we discussed the use of imagery in The Return.  We also discussed the use of figurative language and indirect representation to show the passage of time.  We reintroduced the idea of catharsis (we talked about it during Macbeth last year) and how important it is to understanding the final scene of the story.  Please compete the paragraph at Question #2, p. 50.  Also, please read On the Rainy River (pp. 70 - 84).

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Law 12: Tuesday, 5 June

Today we reviewed for tomorrow's exam on Chapters 16-18.  We ended by starting Chapter 19.

English 12: Tuesday, 5 June

Today the majority of the class came unprepared to discuss the short story assigned for homework.  That was frustrating for me.  I issued a magazine article on Lotus Land and we discussed the synthesis writing piece required on the provincial exam.  Please complete the paragraph sample for homework AND please read The Return on p 44 of your anthology.

We'll try to do the dramatic readings again tomorrow.  Please realize, I am not prepared to work harder than you in order to ensure your success in English 12: you are the architects of your own future. 

History 12: Tuesday, 5 June

Today we had the Vietnam PPT discussion (but we only got to slide 25/40 due to the grad presentation).  The rest of the PPT is available on SlideShare via the link on the blog.  I also asked that you read DeMarco pp. 214-223 AND answer the questions.  I also issued ex. # 11 and 26 which are the summary sheets for the Cold War Unit - you should chip away at them as we study each component.

English 8: Tuesday, 5 June

Today we read U is Part of Us and had a discussion about "balance' in our lives.  We also talked about the things we do at home and the things that our caregivers do.  For homework, please complete the letter to one of your caregivers as per the notes.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Law 12: Monday, 4 June

Today we did the Chapter 17 and 18 quizzes.  We also debriefed Chapter 18.  We did not have a chance to review for the Chapter 16-18 Contracts Test, so we will have the test on Wednesday.

History 12: Monday, 4 June

Today we discussed the detente treaties of the 1960s, 70s, and 80s.  We also debriefed Ex. # 17 - 18.  Tomorrow we'll study the the war years in Vietnam (nee French Indo China).  Please complete Ex. # 1-2 for homework.

We will also be reading DeMarco 214 - 223.

Eng 12: Monday, 4 June

Today we read Munro's The Shining Houses (pp. 26-35).  Please complete question 1 a-e for homework.  Also, please read O. Henry's Transients in Arcadia (pp. 37-42) for homework.

The other stories we'll read this week are:

The Return (p. 44)
On the Rainy River (p. 70)
The Chrysanthemums (p. 112)
Touching Bottom (p. 124)

For each you'll do the "response questions."  We'll also write one or two paragraphs as part of your exam preparation.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Hist 12: Friday, 1 June

Today we had a detailed debrief of the DeMarco chapter on China (p. 179).  I also assigned Ex. 17-18 as a pre-reading activity to discuss detente. I have a PPT to share with you on Monday.  Enjoy your weekend.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Law 12: Thursday, 31 May

Today we worked on Chapter 17.  In the last 25 minutes we discussed #1-10 and #14.  Tomorrow we'll begin with a Chapter 16 vocab terms quiz and then complete Chapter 17.  Chapter 18 will be for homework.  On Monday we will do the Chapter 17 AND 18 quiz.  On Monday we'll also review for Tuesday's Chapter 16-18 contracts exam.  Depending on your schedule, you may like to get a head start on some of this upcoming work.

En 8: Thursday, 31 May

Today we had a visit from some Madeira Park students - thanks for giving them an informative and welcoming visit.  I also read two selections from the anthology: Cranes Fly South and What I Want to be When I Grow Up.  I enjoyed hearing your ideas about death - it's nice to see how you can depart from "stock" answers.  We also discussed the fact that I did not plan a final exam as a part of the course outline.  There is no homework; I hope you enjoy the weekend.

Eng 12: Thurs, 31 May

Today we watched the second half of the movie DOASalesman and then outlined the essay for tomorrow's in-class writing session.  Please come prepared with paper, pen, cheat sheet and play.

English 8: Tuesday, 29 May

Today we closed our descriptive paragraph writing unit by writing a 100% solo effort that was handed in as a reflection of our growth in this area.  My hope is that you have learned some useful strategies that you will be able to call upon any time you have to write in the future.  Next class we will start a brief short fiction reading unit to close out the course.  There is no homework tonight.

Hist 12: Thurs., 31 May

Today we debriefed ex 13-15 and watched some short documentaries.  We also spoke to the summary sheet I gave you on China.  Make sure you look at the workbook terms list to ensure you have a grip on the "must knows" for this unit.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

History 12: Tuesday, 29 May

Today we debriefed the Cold War test and reviewed some strategies for answering visual evidence questions such as political cartoons.  Next we watched the Mao video and reviewed w.b. ex #12.  Tomorrow, ex # 13-15, as well as the questions from the DeMarco chapter (starting at p. 179) will be for homework.

Monday, May 28, 2012

History 12: Monday, 28 May

Today we wrote the Cold War unit test.  Tomorrow we'll look at China; please read the DeMarco chapter that starts on p. 179.  I'd review the questions as well.  You should automatically look at the companion workbook pages for the bigger view and the thumbnail details.

Law 12: Monday, 28 May

Today we read the beginning of Chapter 17 and debrief the questions from the second half of Chapter 16. 

We also set some timings for the bus trip to Vancouver on Wednesday morning:
Oak Tree - 06:50
North end of Redrooffs - 07:15
South end of Redrooffs - 07:20
Norwest Bay Road - 07:25

I will have your fare for the transit bus.  You need only bring money for food on the ferry - we likely won't have an opportunity to eat while downtown; it will be best to bring some sort of lunch but realize we won't be eating from 10:30 - 2:00 while in the courthouse.  If we get to Horseshoe Bay in a timely fashion, you may get time to eat before our 3:50 sailing.

PLEASE make an effort to wear the type of clothing we discussed and avoid jeans that are faded/torn and avoid t-shirts.  Don't bring lots of "stuff:" the Education Society will provide a locked room for your purses, electronics, back packs, lunches, rain jackets, etc.  It's best to travel lightly.

It WILL be raining on Wednesday, so please dress to stay dry - we will be walking a few blocks from the bus stop to the courts.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Law 12: Friday, 25 May

Today I gave some time for you to complete Chapter 16.  I also issued the crossword puzzle and some general handouts.  Then we debriefed up to question #20.  If you haven't done so already, please ensure you complete all of the reading questions for homework.

ENG 12: Friday, 25 May

Today we covered the "f"s, "g"s and some "i"s from the course terms list.  Then we reviewed the format for the play's objective test.  I ended the class with some test preparation time.  Have a nice weekend, but please take time to ensure you're ready for Monday's exam.

Hist 12: Friday, 25 May

Today we watched the remainder of the JFK dvd, but still failed to see the segment on the Cuban Missile Crisis - oh well.  We got a good preview of the civil rights movement.  We closed with a summary of Monday's Cold War exam format.  Enjoy the sun this weekend!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

English 12: Thursday, 24 May

Today we finished the "d"s and did the "e"s on the Eng 12 terms list.  Then we did a canned quiz from the Sparks Notes website as a "see-how-we-are-doing-on-understanding-the-play"activity.  In essence, the quiz did not test any deep understanding such as themes, just simple comprehension (memory) details from the play.  We ended by reviewing the answers to the vocabulary activity.  I've included the answers here.  There is no homework.  We'll have the objective test on Monday; on Tuesday we'll write our second essay; and, on Thursday/Friday we'll watch the movie.  (Wednesday is the Law 12 trip to the Vancouver Law Courts).

English 8: Thursday, 24 May

Wow!  We had another very productive day of descriptive paragraph writing.  Yet again, I was pleased and impressed with your mature response to the task.  In essence, you have created a collaborative writers workshop that is supportive of each other specifically and of your writing in general.  We are getting quite a collection of writing on our wall.  There is no homework.

Hist 12: Thurs, 24 May

Today we completed the Cuban Missile Crisis debrief.  It was a good opportunity to try to get into the heads of the characters we were representing.  We next listened to JFK's speech to the public regarding the growing crisis and his planned response.  It is a good study in bias and rhetoric.  We then watched a portion of the JFK documentary - hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to track down the chapter on Cuba.  Please ensure you complete the quiz for homework.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Law 12: Wednesday, 23 May

Today we debriefed the crossword puzzles for Chapter 14 and 15.  We also reviewed for tomorrow's test.  We ended the class by watching the first half of the "Paisley Snail Case" (Donoghue v. Stevenson - the neighbour case).  There is no homework but to study for your exam.