Friday, April 20, 2012

English 12: Friday, 20 April

Today we worked in two groups: those who did their pre-writing yesterday, wrote their paragraphs for Railway Club Blues in the library.  Those who worked to catch up yesterday, did their pre-writing for the poem today.  There is no homework - enjoy the weekend, but be ready to work Monday.

Note: see yesterday's post for the whiteboard notes.

English 8: Friday, 20 April

Today we worked to understand the concepts of subject/verb agreement and pronoun agreement - two very common grammar faults.  You continue to do well.  There is no homework - enjoy your weekend.

History 12: Friday, 20 April

Today we worked with the essay on Mao that was linked to yesterday's post.  We worked at using Word to annotate and highlight working towards honing our summarizing skills.  There is no homework - enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Law 12: Thursday, 19 April

Today we reviewed the material that will be on the Chapter 7-8 test.  We will write the test on Monday.  There is no homework.

Eng 12: Thursday, 19 April

Today we worked on the poem "Railway Club Blues."  Anyone who needed extra time to do his or her poetry assignment, did that in the library - almost half the class left (disappointing).  We who remained, worked on strategies to answering the paragraph questions on the provincial exam.  Anyone who missed that lesson should get a copy of the poem and read it on his or her own.  We'll continue with the writing tomorrow.  Please ensure you are able to hand in your poetry work tomorrow.

English 8: Thursday, 19 April

Today Ms Dimond borrowed the first half of class to do a HACE careers activity.  I then returned your grammar test and we reviewed the answers.  I was very pleased with your results - good work!  We then reviewed the work we did last class on run-on sentences, and left off with a brief reflective paragraph on the careers work you did.  Please complete that journal entry for homework if you were unable to get it finished in class.

Hist 12: Thurs, 19 April

Today I collected your appeasement/causes of Second World War paragraphs and we watched the Appeasement video.  Next I introduced China and Japan in the pre-war era.  We learned about the power vacuum after Sun's death and the rapid political transitions in both countries.  We used the graphic organizer from the text to see the big picture, and I gave out a handout that summarizes the Global Forces discussion on this topic titled "Chinese Revolution."  Please answer the questions for homework. 

If you want to get a head start, you can pre-read the linked article.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Law 12: Wed, 18 April

Today we watched some current issues in the news that related to the Charter and sentencing.  Then we reviewed the answers to #13- in the text, Chapter 10.  Tomorrow we'll do the Chapter 10 crossword and read Chapter 11.  On Friday we'll do the Chapter 10 terms quiz.  There is no homework.

English 12: Wed, 18 April

Today we worked out definitions for a review of the A and B terms on the Eng 12 Terms sheet.  Next we examined the old provincial exam questions about the poem "Wordsmith."  Tomorrow we'll look at a third provincial exam poem and write a paragraph.  ONLY those who have not completed the Poetry Structure and Form assignment have homework.  You have had one week to complete this; anyone who has not handed it in tomorrow will be excused from class to work in the library in order to have class time to complete it.

Hist 12: Wed, 18 April

Today we discussed the causes of the Second World War PPT.  We reviewed the CASPRR worksheet and looked at some David Low political cartoons from 1939-40.  We noted how many of them are associated with the theme of mistrust or hidden intentions.  Finally I assigned a paragraph to be written for homework.  It should comment on appeasement and also weigh the relative strengths of the "action" vs. "inaction" arguments regarding the cause of the war.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Law 12: Tuesday, 17 April

Today we wrote the Chapter 9 terms quiz and debriefed the first half of Chapter 10 - Sentencing.  Please ensure you've read the three cases at the back of the chapter for tomorrow's class.

English 12: Tuesday, 17 April

Today we did some work identifying 20 of the terms from the long list of terms and devices you are responsible to know for the provincial exam.  Then we examined the poem "Digging" from an old provincial.  Attached are the notes from our brainstorm for the paragraph response to that poem.  For homework, please ensure you've finished all of the Form and Structure assignment.

Hist 12: Tue 17 April

Today we debriefed the USA exam and discussed the DeMarco homework.  We also read two sections from the map text and then reported in groups.  Tomorrow the girls will report and everyone will report what they found out about Guernica and the painting.  Please do the two appeasement work sheets for homework.  Tomorrow we'll write a CASPRR paragraph (yippee).

Law 12:Monday, 16 April

Sorry for the late post: yesterday (Monday) we read and answered the questions for Chapter 10; please finish them - we'll review them tomorrow.

We will write the Chapter 9 terms quiz today (Tuesday)

En 8: Tuesday, 17 April

Today we reviewed, then wrote our parts of speech test.  Afterwords, we began looking at run-ons.  There is no homework. 

Monday, April 16, 2012

History 12: Monday, 16 April

Today we wrote the USA test.  For homework, do some research on Guernica, it is a symbolic event in the Spanish Civil War and a foreshadow of the type of warfare that was about to be unleashed in Europe.  Find out what some of the symbolism in Piccaso's painting means.  Also, read DeMarco pp 121 - 125 and have responses to the questions ready.  You may wish to get started on the appeasement worksheets - that will be part of tomorrow's work.  We will be covering the Second World War this week.