Friday, June 1, 2012

Hist 12: Friday, 1 June

Today we had a detailed debrief of the DeMarco chapter on China (p. 179).  I also assigned Ex. 17-18 as a pre-reading activity to discuss detente. I have a PPT to share with you on Monday.  Enjoy your weekend.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Law 12: Thursday, 31 May

Today we worked on Chapter 17.  In the last 25 minutes we discussed #1-10 and #14.  Tomorrow we'll begin with a Chapter 16 vocab terms quiz and then complete Chapter 17.  Chapter 18 will be for homework.  On Monday we will do the Chapter 17 AND 18 quiz.  On Monday we'll also review for Tuesday's Chapter 16-18 contracts exam.  Depending on your schedule, you may like to get a head start on some of this upcoming work.

En 8: Thursday, 31 May

Today we had a visit from some Madeira Park students - thanks for giving them an informative and welcoming visit.  I also read two selections from the anthology: Cranes Fly South and What I Want to be When I Grow Up.  I enjoyed hearing your ideas about death - it's nice to see how you can depart from "stock" answers.  We also discussed the fact that I did not plan a final exam as a part of the course outline.  There is no homework; I hope you enjoy the weekend.

Eng 12: Thurs, 31 May

Today we watched the second half of the movie DOASalesman and then outlined the essay for tomorrow's in-class writing session.  Please come prepared with paper, pen, cheat sheet and play.

English 8: Tuesday, 29 May

Today we closed our descriptive paragraph writing unit by writing a 100% solo effort that was handed in as a reflection of our growth in this area.  My hope is that you have learned some useful strategies that you will be able to call upon any time you have to write in the future.  Next class we will start a brief short fiction reading unit to close out the course.  There is no homework tonight.

Hist 12: Thurs., 31 May

Today we debriefed ex 13-15 and watched some short documentaries.  We also spoke to the summary sheet I gave you on China.  Make sure you look at the workbook terms list to ensure you have a grip on the "must knows" for this unit.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

History 12: Tuesday, 29 May

Today we debriefed the Cold War test and reviewed some strategies for answering visual evidence questions such as political cartoons.  Next we watched the Mao video and reviewed w.b. ex #12.  Tomorrow, ex # 13-15, as well as the questions from the DeMarco chapter (starting at p. 179) will be for homework.

Monday, May 28, 2012

History 12: Monday, 28 May

Today we wrote the Cold War unit test.  Tomorrow we'll look at China; please read the DeMarco chapter that starts on p. 179.  I'd review the questions as well.  You should automatically look at the companion workbook pages for the bigger view and the thumbnail details.

Law 12: Monday, 28 May

Today we read the beginning of Chapter 17 and debrief the questions from the second half of Chapter 16. 

We also set some timings for the bus trip to Vancouver on Wednesday morning:
Oak Tree - 06:50
North end of Redrooffs - 07:15
South end of Redrooffs - 07:20
Norwest Bay Road - 07:25

I will have your fare for the transit bus.  You need only bring money for food on the ferry - we likely won't have an opportunity to eat while downtown; it will be best to bring some sort of lunch but realize we won't be eating from 10:30 - 2:00 while in the courthouse.  If we get to Horseshoe Bay in a timely fashion, you may get time to eat before our 3:50 sailing.

PLEASE make an effort to wear the type of clothing we discussed and avoid jeans that are faded/torn and avoid t-shirts.  Don't bring lots of "stuff:" the Education Society will provide a locked room for your purses, electronics, back packs, lunches, rain jackets, etc.  It's best to travel lightly.

It WILL be raining on Wednesday, so please dress to stay dry - we will be walking a few blocks from the bus stop to the courts.