Thursday, June 2, 2011

English 12: Testimonial

As we come to the final two weeks of the course, we are all tired and ready for school to be over (for some of us, it will be over for good).  Still, we're not there yet and have to keep it up to the end.  Please share your thoughts on working for a positive close to the semester.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Please note that Friday, June 3 is the last day to hand in any outstanding work from Term 3.  The following Friday, June 10, will be the last day to hand in any outstanding work from Term 4.

English 12: Wednesday, 1 June

Today we wrote the "David" test.  There is no homework, but you should already have a big chuck of the structure in poetry work sheet finished.

History 12: Wednesday, 1 June

Today we reviewed the map of SE Asia and then had a PPT discussion on Vietnam.  For homework, please write a brief paragraph to summarize the main issues of the Vietnam topic.  A topic sentence might be something like:

     "After the Second World War, the French thought they would be able to reassert their colonial domination in Indochina, however, after the French defeat to Ho Chi Minh, the Americans were left to stop any more dominoes from falling to communism in SE Asia."

See Slideshare to review the PPT.

En 11: Wednesday, 1 June

Today we finished the film and discussed the additional sources about the "wilding" attacks and the recollections of the D-Day veteran.  Read the third piece on your own (remember to i.d. and terms or ideas that you think might be noteworthy) AND research ONE additional source on your own.  You might do a Google search like this: "civilization and humanity vs evil."  Try to think of key words and then use your found source to get one or two good quotations to be used as support in an examination of the essential question you posed at the beginning of the LOTF unit (remember we wrote our essential questions at the top of our study guides before we started to read the novel).  This will all help you to write your next (and final) essay.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

History 12: Tuesday, 31 May

Today we reviewed the questions from the end of the DeMarco chapter on China.  We examined the issues associated with the Cultural Revolution and the warming associated with detente.  We also discussed the adjustments to communism under Deng.  You should know about Mao, Chiang, Chou, and Deng.  The workbook has a good list of vocab terms.  I tried to take lots of chances to compare the paths taken by the USSR and China.

We also started our discussion of Vietnam.  We looked at a map of SE Asia and started a PPT discussion that we will finish tomorrow.

SS11: Tuesday, 31 May

Today we discussed aboriginal terms and issues from the topic organizer.  I collected some paragraphs, but if you were late, just ensure it's done for Thursday.  Use the assignment to cement your understaning of the topic.  I suggest you begin with a strong topic sentence then write a sentence about the "old" history.  Next, move into the changes brought about in the 1960s.  Who was Harold Cardinel and how did his vision differ from Trudeau's?  What was the effect of the policies of assimilation and residential schools? It is important to discuss self government and the modern treaty process.  Also, how has conflict manifested itself in more recent times?  Finally, what would be a good closer (remember, use this closer to say something meaningful, not just a "there have been many important things associated with aboriginals over the past fifty years").

English 12: Tuesday, 31 May

Today we got ready for tomorrow's "David" poetry test.  You will be able to use your copy of the poem.  There will be two sections of multiple choice questions: one will include terms from the PPT that explained the mountain terms such as "col."  You can go to the SlideShare link on the blog to view the "David" PPT.  Make sure you are up on your poetic terms and devices.  Good luck.  Work hard tonight and no homework tomorrow (I promise)  :)

En 11: Tuesday, 31 May

Sorry this is so late.  On Monday we watched the film.  We will view the last ten minutes on Wednesday.  Then we will review some other sources in preparation for your last pre-final exam essay.