Tuesday, May 31, 2011

SS11: Tuesday, 31 May

Today we discussed aboriginal terms and issues from the topic organizer.  I collected some paragraphs, but if you were late, just ensure it's done for Thursday.  Use the assignment to cement your understaning of the topic.  I suggest you begin with a strong topic sentence then write a sentence about the "old" history.  Next, move into the changes brought about in the 1960s.  Who was Harold Cardinel and how did his vision differ from Trudeau's?  What was the effect of the policies of assimilation and residential schools? It is important to discuss self government and the modern treaty process.  Also, how has conflict manifested itself in more recent times?  Finally, what would be a good closer (remember, use this closer to say something meaningful, not just a "there have been many important things associated with aboriginals over the past fifty years").

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