Sunday, May 22, 2011

English 12, Sunday, 22 May

On Thursday, we finished our review of figurative language.  We had a chance to see if we could lable the 40 definitions from memory.  I think most of you are already at 70 - 80% accuracy.  The proof is in the puddin' though, and we've got to get practiced at identifying them in actual examples of literature.  I'm away Wed - Fri next week, so I'll prep you for a narrative poem activity that you'll be able to complete independently while under the guard of the TOC.  I'm also going to give you a practice poetry section from a past provincial to use as a barometer of your current competency in poetry.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

SS 11: Sunday, 22 May

Oops, I guess I missed another SS11 blog post - sorry. We looked at the famous 1967 "Vive le Quebec libre" speech on Wednesday.  I honestly can't recall what I asked you to complete on the Chapter 8 questions, but I am away Wed and Fri next week so I won't see you for a whole week.  When I return, Chapter 8 will have to be complete as well as some worksheets I plan to give the TOC.  There will be some key People's History segments to view, (especially connected to Quebec) so please don't miss any classes - there are only a few lessons left before your final exam and when I return it will be a quick review and test on society from the 50s - 80s and then we're on to the short geography unit.

Hist 12: Sunday, 22 May

Please ensure you've read everything in DeMarco up to the Cuban Missile Crisis (it might be wise to read about the crisis so you have a chance to test your understanding against Tuesday's discussion - research Operation Ortsac for fun).  We shall cover the crisis and the Vietnam War on Tuesday.  You should ensure you've read all of Unit 4 in the workbook.  Remember that I'm gone Wed - Fri next week, so it will be a time of reading, worksheets and documentary segments.  We have come to a time when it would be unwise to miss any class time (19 lessons before your final exam) - even if there is a TOC replacing me.