Friday, November 26, 2010

En 12: Notes from Friday, 26 Nov, 2010

Today we did an Act I quick quiz and then discussed quotable quotations from Act I, Scenes 1-2.  I then gave some quotable quotations from Act I and we discussed them on the following points:

a) who is speaking?
b) to whom is he/she speaking?
c) what's going on in terms of the plot? (what is or has just happened - or what is about to happen?)
d) what is the significance of this speech?

We then watched the film up to the point, in Scene ii, where Laertes is given permission to leave for France.

Please remember to post a comment to the blog to meet your journaling requirement.    You may like to start to pre-read Act II.  On Tuesday we'll watch the rest of Act I and do a little writing activity.  Have a nice long weekend.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

En 12: From Wednesday, 24 Nov

Today we read and discussed Act I, Scene 5 - the scene where Hamlet and his father's ghost have a face off and we hear Hamlet declare he will put on an antic disposition..  After discussing the scene we took ten minutes to begin a search of lines we felt might be "quoatable quotations" (hint: many of them might already be highlighted in your books by previous students).  If you get two-four from each scene I would think you have a great start.  Please come to the next class with that done.  Tomorrow we will do some writing - realize that we have about eight weeks of class before you write your provincial exam, so I need to keep your writing fresh.

Please keep your act/scene study questions up-to-date as we work our way through the play - I won't always be giving you class time, but if I forget, please remind me to discuss any issues the questions present.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

En 11-2: From Tuesday, 23 Nov

Today we did our quotations recognition quiz for the Act I quotations.  Next I gave out the reading rubric and we chose the dramatic reading parts we will perform (at our desks) for Act I - we will do them on Thursday, 25 Nov.  We also completed a table to identify the methods Lady Macbeth uses (in Act I sc 7) to persuade Macbeth to commit the murder.

Please remember that if you "memorize" your speech for reading, you will have the best chance at getting a good mark.

En 11 - 1: Notes from Tuesday, 23 Nov

Today, we did our first dramatic reading test - results tended towards "beginning" and "developing" which is pretty normal for a first try.  Again, my best advise is to get to a point where you have mostly memorized your speech - you can still have your book available in case you get stuck.  Without emphasis, your speech will sound flat.  Be critical about where you put your pauses.

These are your parts for the next class:

Scene 1
Banquo: Angie
Fleance: Jake
Macbeth: Mike

Scene 2
Lady Macbeth: Ashley
Macbeth: Kohl

Scene 3
Porter: Brandon
Macduff: Maciek
Macbeth: Emma
Lennox: Parker
Lady Macbeth: Chelsea
Donalbain: Ben
Malcolm: Aisha
Banquo: Mr. Marshall

Monday, November 22, 2010

En 10: From Monday, 22 November

Today, over half of the class was absent; we watched Act II and Act III of the film and then added a comment to this post.  You can comment on the movie, or on the play in a more general sense.

SS11: Notes from Monday, 22 Nov

Today we worked on our First World War PowerPoint presentations.  We will have an extra day (Wednesday) to work on them but we must be ready to present on Friday, 26 November.  Remember that this project is intended to give you a chance to get some in-depth "expert" knowledge on your topic so don't be satisfied with surface or "survey" level information.

Good luck

En12: notes from Monday, 22 Nov

We read and discussed I, ii - iii.  I issued a worksheet for Polonius' advice in Scene iii.  We will complete the worksheet tomorrow.  Before tomorrow's class, please pre-read/prepare the final two scenes in Act 1.

Scene 4:
Hamlet - Taylor
Horatio - Becky
Marcellus - Travis

Scene 5:
Hamlet - Mitchell J.
Ghost - Aurora
Horatio - Shelby
Marcellus - Madison

Enjoy the snow...