Friday, April 29, 2011

SS 11: Friday, 29 April

Today we did the Election Compass on the CBC website:

Later, when we had a mini-election, few students voted according to the Compass.  Earlier, we had discussed the reasons why this might happen, so it was interesting to see it occur.  Thanks, Kari, for suggesting that we leave history for a day - I thought the class was time well spent.

On Tuesday I will check to see that all of your 1930s questions are completed.  Have a nice weekend!

History 12: Friday, 29 April

Today, we learned about "CASPRR" to remember Hitler's road to WW2.  We also had a PPT discussion about the relative effect of action and inaction by the Fascists and the democracies.  We looked at some David Low political cartoons and we watched "Why Appeasement."  I thought it was a very fruitful class.  Please complete the worksheets I issued to you for Monday.

En 12: Friday, 29 April

Today we read and discussed the reast of Act 3.  Oh Claudius, we can't feel sorry for you if you don't truly repent - silly goose.  In addition to the parts issued in yesterday's post, add these:

Act 4, Scene 3: 
Claudius - Zackbert
Ros. - Matt
Hammy - Amanda

Act 4, Scene 4:
Fortinbras - Dylbert
Captain - Zackbert
Rosencrantz - Amanda
Hamlet - ?


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hist 12: Thursday, 28 April

Today we reviewed the Unit Two exam and I discussed your paragraph/essay writing strategies.  Remember to add the factoids and give the so-whats.  Also, it's always a good idea to consider "the other side of the coin."

Next, we discussed the great numbers of treaties and pacts that were made in the 1920s and 30s as the Europeans jockied for security and influence in the years leading up to the Second World War. 

Finally, we finished reviewing the answers to DeMarco's Chapter 10 questions.  I suggest you review the corresponding work book pages for this topic.

En 12: Thursday, 28 April

Today we read and discussed Scenes 1-2 of the third act.  I thought that you read your parts quite well - there was still some stumbling, so please ensure that you take time to practice your parts ahead of time.  We used the end of class to answer the study guide questions - remember to take time to give line references to the locations where the answers are found.

En 11: Thursday, 28 April

Today, we began with a short reading quiz for Chapters 4 and 5.  We then debriefed the questions for those chapters.  We discussed some of the perceived deeper meanings and the metaphors and symbols involved as well.  Please come to class on Monday with Chapters 6 and 7 read, and the answers to the study guide complete.  Have a nice weekend - it's supposed too be nice.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

SS 11: Wednesday, 27 April, 2011

First, I am making this post on an iPad: another step into the twenty-first century.

Today we did a quick - okay, not so quick, review of the reasons for the Depression. Next, I ran through the answers for the chapter questions 51 - ?. Please finish the questions for home work. We also saw the beginning of the short documentary on the Regina Riot (the On to Ottawa Trek). Next class we will discuss the Riot and other responses by the various levels of government. Then we'll be ready for another unit test. Don't forget to check in with your work books to ensure you're getting another perspective.

History 12: Wednesday, 27 April, 2011

Today, we viewed everyone's New Deal presentations. I thought the class did quite well; the idea was that we would have to spend time thinking about the deal FDR gave the USA, as we created our own plans. The "must know" is the idea of the three Rs. Next, we started to discuss Chapter 10 from DeMarco. We each took one of the European nations discussed in the chapter, and I asked that we all be prepared to discuss the treaties each entered into during the 1930s. Tomorrow, we will discuss the road to war.

En 12: Wednesday, 27 April

Today, we did a debate activity to decide on the questions surrounding one's choices concerning suicide.  This activity played into our reading of the "to be or not to be" speech.  Please have your reading ready for tomorrow's class.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

En 12: Tuesday, 26 April

Thanks for a great class - we got to see some good PPTs on the soliloquy imagery and hear some pretty good dramatic readings! No homework - enjoy the game.

SS 11: Thursday, 21 April

Sorry for the late post.  We finished the 1930s PPT last class. Please complete the 1930s text book questions #41 - 55.  We'll finish the questions in class tomorrow (#56 - 82).

History 12: Tuesday, 26 April

Today, we did our inter-war years unit exam.  Please read DeMarco pp. 121-132 in preparation for tomorrow's class.  Enjoy the game tonight.

En 11: Tuesday, 26 April, 2011

Today, we discussed the characters Ralph, Jack, Piggy and Simon and tried to identify a catch-phrase for each.  Next we reviewed the questions from Chapters 2-3.  I spent some time discussing the imagery from the scene with Simon's place in the jungle.  We'll finish discussing Chapter 4 and start Chapter 5 next class.  We will have a reading quiz for Chapters 4-5 on Thursday, so please come to class with all of your questions completed.