Thursday, January 20, 2011

En 10: Notes from Thursday, 20 Jan

Today, we did the second pre-write practice session.  I also issued the terms you need to know for the exam.  Please bring that sheet to class tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

SS 11: Notes from Wed, 19 Jan

Today we reviewed W.S. #5 and discussed extreme, or ultra, nationalism.  We also revisited what makes a good piece of history writing.  See the board notes for specific steps to outlining a paragraph on "Hitler and Germany in the inter-war period."  Students were given the option to revise their homework paragraphs before handing them in.  Next class, we will discuss the creation of the Soviet Union, as we move towards the Second World War.

En 12: Notes Wed 19 Jan

Today we assessed our blogs and reviewed the pre-write process for the original composition on the provincial exam.  Tomorrow we will do a practice provincial.

En 10: Notes from Wednesday 19 Jan

Today we precticed the essay portion of the provincial exam.  Please ensure that you complete an introduction for the prompt about "the lessons we learn."

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

En 10: Notes from Tues, 18 Jan

Today we practiced organizing our pre-writing for the synthesis paragraph portion of the provincial exam.  We also practiced writing topic sentences and finding good quotations to use as support.

En 12: Notes from Tue, 18 Jan

Today we discussed thesis statements/introductions for the "original composition" section of the provincial exam.  If you wish to see more samples of the essay prompts, go to the links and search.

We also revisited the difference types of sentence structures and how they should be used for the best effect.

Tomorrow we will look at a practice provincial.

En 11-2: Notes from Tuesday, Jan 18

Today we reviewed the idea of a tragoc hero and had a discussion about how Macbeth does or does not fit the mould.  We also discussed the essay form and how we can achieve a strong result by paying attention to the following:

Thesis statement
Topic sentences
Blending quotations for support
Sentence variety (simple/compound/complex + short/medium/long

We will write our 300 word essays on Thursday, 20 Jan.

If you want to get feedback on your thesis or topic sentences, see me tomorrow.  You may write with one cheat sheet and your play (notebooks must be closed).  Please bring a pen to use when you write your essay.

En 11-1: Tuesday, Jan 18

Today we wrote our Macbeth essays.

Monday, January 17, 2011

En 10: Notes from Monday, 17 Jan

Today we review the provincial exam from Friday; tomorrow we will prepare to write a practice Part D essay (original composition).

SS 11: Notes from Monday, 17 Jan

We did a quick map review - you should expect a quiz soon!
We reviewed Worksheet #3 together and discussed Hitler's rise to power and then watched some documentary footage.

We identified 10 points for the following:

a) Life in the Weimar Republic after Paris, 1919.

b) What steps allowed Hitler to come to power?

c) Life in Germany after Hitler became chancellor on January 30, 1933.

(ten points in all, NOT 10 points each: these become the prewriting notes for a paragraph)

Next, we reviewed the importance of including the "so-what" statements in a history paragraph, and for homework I asked that you write a paragraph on Hitler - due for next class.

En 12: Notes from Monday, 17 Jan

Today, we practiced writing topic sentences about the unifying device in "Touching Bottom."  Also, from a list of quotations from the story supplied by me, we practiced writing supported sentences (ie. blending quotations seamlessly into our prose).  Finally, we looked at past prompts for the final essay on the provincial exam, the "original composition" section, and chose two or three to practice writing introductory paragraphs.  Please come to class tomorrow with those introductions completed.