Tuesday, February 7, 2012

En 8: Tuesday, 7 Feb

Today, we debriefed Chapter 9 of the novel and had a good discussion about the line, "Stay gold Ponyboy."  We also discussed the value of figurative language - especially metaphors and similes.  Next, we read Chapter 10 together and decided that you would read Chapter 11 for homework (it's very short).  We'll finish reading the novel on Thursday and then look at some writing assignments. 


  1. I thought that this was an interesting chapter because Ponyboy was smoking in bed. It was also interesting that Randy, a Soc, came to visit Pony at home.

  2. I found it weird that Ponyboy blames himself for Johnny’s death. I also found it interesting that Randy, the Soc, visits Ponyboy at home.

    1. You begin to notice a difference in Darry at the very end of the chapter because Darry calls Pony "little buddy."

  3. I thought this chapter was very focused on Johnny and his death, and how Ponyboy very extremely effected by it. I also thought it was interesting when Randy came to visit Pony, but brought up the wrong subject and Darry immediatly kicked him out of the house.

  4. In this chapter Ponyboy's thoughts and feelings seemed to become easier to relate with. I also found the feelings more intense. After both Johnny and Dally's death everyones feelings seem come out.

  5. It was thoughtful of Randy to see how Ponyboy was doing after his concussion and Johnny's Death. It shows that not all socs are mean and selfish.