Monday, January 30, 2012

En 12: Monday, 30 Jan

Oops - sorry this post is a bit late in the day.  Today we had a pretty relaxing slide into the course.  I introduced some of the ideas I've been thinking about in terms of how the course could run.  First, I will be incorporating more choice - life won't be totally democratic, but where it is possible, I'll try to give you more input.  This was realized today when you chose to start the course with a novel study and were given four choices to read.  I talked about how you will be getting fewer "formal" written assignments "for marks" so you will have to continue your transition away from "working only for food pellets" (yes, that's a metaphor for only writing when it counts for a grade).  Our second unit will be involve poetry and in our third unit we'll read a play (either Hamlet or Death of a Salesman - your choice).  I hope this allows you to experience more enjoyment, but remember, with freedom comes responsibility - I know you'll make us proud.

Tomorrow we'll start with the lit circle format - remember, we need to have the novels read in two or three weeks.

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  1. Hi Mr. M. - you are the greatest.