Wednesday, May 23, 2012

History 12: Wed., 23 May

Today we watched three short video clips of the Berlin Wall: 1) tensions at Check Point Charlie; 2) JFK's "ich bin ein berliner" speech; and, 3) Reagan's "tear down this wall" speech.  We then watched some of the JFK documentary dealing with his Cold War strategy.  Next we did a review of some of the events of the Cold War, dividing them between east and west in terms of origin.  Finally, we started the Cuban Missile Crisis simulator.  Try to avoid researching the issue until AFTER we complete the simulation.  We'll complete the simulation tomorrow - think about the agenda of your chosen character:

Liz: JFK
Kari: Bobby Kennedy
Joel: Robert McNamara: Secretary of Defence
Angus: Army general
Sam: Navy admiral
Maciek: JFK's "friend"

simulator website

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