Monday, April 18, 2011

History 12: Monday, 18 April

Today, I presented a PPT on the history of the Indian independence movement from 1919 - 1948 and we also looked at the changing political geography of the region.  I issued some workbook exercises for India/Gandhi and the Middle East.  Please complete the ones on India for Tuesday's class.  We'll have a short debrief of the worksheets and then move on to the Middle East lesson.  These topics are small in the scope of the course, so we can't spend as much time as each deserves.  You should still always be asking yourself how can each of the areas of focus/topics be used to examine the 20th century as a whole.  India in this era, for example, is a study in decolonization, the cult of leadership, and change though civil disobedience.

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