Tuesday, April 19, 2011

History 12: Tuesday, 19 April

Today, we reviewed and discussed the Indian independence movement and identified the key vocabulary terms.  One way to divide this topic is in terms of what the British did (ex: Montagu-Chelmsford, 1919; Amritsar, 1919; India Govt Act, 1935 etc) with what the Indians did (ex: Congress Party; Muslim League; civil disobedience; home spun movement; Salt March, 1930; etc).  We did a "mind map" to organize these key terms and I gave students ten minutes to write a summary of the topic for themselves - not for me, just for their own notes/learning.  I think its good to mix up your study activities as a way to create interest but also "memory bites" that are different "from all of the rest."

Next, we started a PPT discussion on the Middle East.  We looked at the geography and started to examine the conflicting British promises to the Zionists and the Arabs in the era around 1919.  Please complete the two remaining work sheets (# 15, 16) on the Middle East.

Enjoy the game.

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