Wednesday, April 20, 2011

En 11: Wednesday, 20 April

Today, we did a reading quiz for Chapters 1-3.  It was clear from the results who had read the novel and who had not, which in turn made it clear who did the questions on the study guide and who merely copied them.

After the quiz, we had a discussion about the nature of Ralph's and Piggy's initial character and then debriefed the questions from the study guide (for Chapter One).  I was impressed by many of the insights that you were able to draw from your reading.  A few students had to excuse themselves to finish up their questions and that put them at a disadvantage because they did not participate in all of the discussion; please come to class prepared to share your responses to the questions (this work acts as the springboard for the discussions we have).

For homework, please return on Tuesday with Chapter Four read, and the associated questions completed.  I hope you have an enjoyable long-weekend.

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