Tuesday, April 3, 2012

History 12: Tuesday, 3 March

Today we started by watching some old newsreel segments about Gandhi.  Then we finished the PPT and examined the realities associated with partition.  We also debriefed Ex. #16 - 17.  Finally, we reviewed Italy and Germany in terms of a timeline of key events in preparation for tomorrow's unit test. We did not review the Middle East of India since we just studied them.   If you also review your notes and ensure you have a what/so-what understanding of all of the workbook vocab. terms, you'll be in great shape.  Hmm, I wonder what will be the topic of the paragraph?  Could it be about the role of nationalism in the four subject states between the wars?  Or, could it be about the failures of the democracies and the Treaty of Versailles in allowing the establishment of fascist dictatorships?  Good luck: study hard but get some sleep.

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