Thursday, April 5, 2012

Eng 12: Thursday, 5 April

Today we reviewed the poem "David." We used the study guide questions as the basis for our discussion.  On Wednesday, we will write our first poetry test - it will be on "David."  I strongly suggest you go to the the SlideShare link on this blog and review the PPT on "David" because the first 7 multiple choice questions on the test are vocabulary-type questions and some of the words are in that PPT.  The next 8 questions are linked to understanding the poem's meaning and the study guide would be the best review for that.  Next, I have some quotations that have literary devices in them: you must match the example to the device (this is a matching exercise).  In general, don't think because the fist part of the test is multiple choice/matching that it will be easy - it won't, so please study.  The last section of the test is a written section.  You will be given lots of choice.  First, you will choice to write a 300-word essay, OR three 100-word paragraphs.  The essay will be on one element of fiction.  If you choice the paragraphs, you will have to write three from a list of six - again, more choice. 

Enjoy your break.  If you have questions, email me at ; I usually check my e-mail daily.  You may also post questions as comments to this post; or, you can text one another - good luck.  This test will be a key part of your third term mark.

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