Monday, April 23, 2012

History 12: Monday, 23 April

Today we completed adding our computer highlighting and notations to the Oxford Mao essays.  This annotating is an important skill to develop for those of you who plan to attend post-secondary studies.  Next, we had a debrief of the Chinese Revolution handout on Sun Yat Sen, Chiang Kai Shek, and Mao. I explained how I took marginal notes and synthesized them to create the handout.  I think it is important to note how I created three main bullets at the top of the sheet for each of the leaders - these become the grounding principles by which we can measure them - the big must knows.  There are other important details, but these principles will help us create an outline for any writing we have to do later.  Finally, I issued an old chapter exam that I'd like done for tomorrow's class - it is open-book, but please do it on your own.

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