Friday, April 27, 2012

History 12: Friday, 27 April

Today we watched part of a documentary on the North African campaign.  One of the key points to note was the role of logistics in determining "reach" for both Rommel and later, Mongomery.  Also, we saw how inferior the British armour was until the introduction of the American-made Grant and Sherman tanks with their 75 mm guns (equal to the German Mk II and Mk III panzers).  The German 88 mm anti-aircraft guns used in the anti-armour role were also devastatingly effective.  Although it was a "limited theatre," it was a key battle, especially for the British.

Next, we completed worksheet notes on four more battles.  On Monday we'll study the Pacific war.  Please come to class with DeMarco pp. 151-153 and Falk pp. 106-109 read.  Here is a link to a brief video on the Battle of Midway - the TURNING POINT battle for the Pacific. - See if you can find out the significance of the island's broken water filtration system on outcome of this battle.

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