Monday, October 17, 2011

Mr. Marshall's Prognosis: 18 October, 2011

Hello All,

As you know I fractured my ankle on Sunday, 9 October.  At present, I am suffering at home, mostly watching t.v, surfing the Net and doing a bit of homework support with my kids.  I am taking it one week at a time.  Unfortunately, mine will be a non-weight-bearing cast for the entire six-week expected healing time.  When the doctor did a CAT scan of my ankle, he found what is thinks to be pre-existing damage to a bone in my foot; it is right under the fracture.  They are a bit perplexed and other damage to the joint from my arthritis adds further complications.  The end result is that I am currently unable to teach because I need to keep my foot up to control the swelling.  In addition, my fluctuating discomfort (a euphemism for pain) is often such that I find it difficult to concentrate and I need to be able to concentrate in order to teach. 

Thanks for your good wishes - especially for the card (Amber and Liz - it was very creative and made me LOL).  I'm thinking of you.  I hope things are going well for you all. 


  1. Can you come back now and prepare us for the provincial??? We're all starting to feel a tad bit stressed.

  2. Sorry for the delay in my response; it seemed no one was posting so I stopped checking.

    I fully understand that my absence must be creating anxiety for at least some of you. Unfortunately, I may not be back for another few weeks. I want to return but I honestly can't come back while on crutches. I am scheduled to get my cast off in two weeks, and hope to be able to return soon after that. We will, at the very least, have all of January together.

    I will be in on Monday for a check-in and look forward to seeing you all. It's difficult to have to work with a new teacher, but remember that in most schools that is the reality and quite frankly, I think it is good for you to have the opportunity to be exposed to another teacher's work because it with give breadth to your experience and that will be good development for the exam. Stay positive, ask lots of questions and remember to share your ideas freely.

  3. Sorry - I've got a cold and don't want to get you sick - I'll try for Wednesday, instead.