Tuesday, October 11, 2011

En 8: Wednesday, 12 Oct

Go to Snow Goose Newspaper Assignment Lesson to view a video that gives some background information to your first end-of-unit assignment.  Your teacher will give you an assignment handout and help you through the pre-writing stage of this activity.  The newspaper activity is designed to give you a chance to show your creative side as well as to give you some autonomy (freedom) in demonstrating your learning.

I don't know if you will have access to computers, but this would be an assignment where computers would allow you to give a more polished finished product.  Even if you hand write your piece, though, you will still be able to write in newspaper-style columns, and add photos, illustrations, maps or other graphic elements.  Think about things like headlines and font sizes.  Those of you who are into history or research can use this as a way to depart from the fiction aspect of the unit, and learn more of the factual aspects of this topic; perhaps you will add a real quotation from Winston Churchill - or perhaps you will create a fictional one!  Of course, you can also investigate some of the "deeper" elements we discussed, such as symbolism.


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