Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hist 12: Sunday, 5 June

On Thursday, we started looking at the Middle East, and that really means looking at the wars and peace process involving Israel.  You must have a sense of the cause/effect of the four wars (1948-1973) and what they did to the map and power balance in the region.  How did the wars affect the West.  Who gained power/prestige and who lost it?  How were economies affected?  What happened to the Palestinian Arabs who were dislocated because of the creation of Israel.  What was the difference between the policies of Nasser and Sadat?  Why has Israel been able to be so successful militarily?  What Israeli policies promote peace in the region and which do not?  You should ensure you look at the evidence question I gave you for the Camp David Accord.  Also, be aware of the Helsinki Accord.  What other big peace initiatives have there been?

On Monday, we will start to look at the decline and fall of the Soviet empire including the experience in Afghanistan starting in 1979.  Please ensure you have read from p. 184 in the workbook (to the end of the chapter).

With only ten lessons left, we will all have to bear down and work hard to get the best outcome for the final exam.

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