Sunday, June 5, 2011

English 12: Sunday 5 June

Oh my, Mr. Marshall is slipping up very badly these days.  Last week was disjointed because of the Grade 10 trip to Victoria, and the end of this week was disjointed as I tried to receive all of the old Term 3 work and then change about 30 student records affected by mark changes.  I was busy Saturday with the Army Cadets' year-end activity and then Game 2.  So, now I'm getting back to it.

On Thursday we continued with poetry.  We created a sort of "found poem" using a science text as a source.  Then we identified literary devices and added some more of our own.  We continued with that and further reviewed devices on Friday.  We closed by using the text to find examples of devices in poems, and then created five multiple choice questions using the devices.  On Monday, we'll practice answering each other's questions.  There are lots of practice provincial-style poetry questions on the two blog links to exam practices - use them!

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