Friday, April 1, 2011

En 11: Friday, 1 Apr

Today I returned your Garrison Mentality essays and expressed some of my concerns over the apparent level of commitment to preparation and attention to detail.  I truly care about your success and I want you to care too.  Please remember that if your are not achieving the level of success you desire, unless you change something, the results will likely continue to be the same.  This was not an easy topic but not a single student came to me for assistance or clarification.  I hope that I was clear that I have confidence in your ability to succeed and that I am not satisfied with mediocre effort: I give you my best and I hope for the same from you.

We discussed "The Elephant" questions and worksheet and I re-explained the concepts of allegory and satire.  Next, we looked at topic sentences and blending quotations.  I also gave an example of how to use the final line from the story as a closer in your paragraph: "they no longer believe in elephants" = We should count ourselves fortunate that we don't live in a state where we "no longer [are able to] believe in 'elephants'."  Note: because in this instance "elephant" is used at a metaphor for all such government "lies" it has be separated, inside the larger quotation, using single quotation marks.

Please ensure you have a well-edited two-page double-spaced response to the worksheet paragraph prompt ready to be handed-in next class (Wednesday).  FROM NOW ON, ALL WRITTEN ASSIGNMENTS MUST BE WRITTEN IN INK IF YOU WISH ME TO MARK THEM - SORRY, PENCIL IS OFTEN JUST TOO DIFFICULT TO EASILY READ.

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