Wednesday, March 30, 2011

SS11: Tuesday, 29 March

Today we did a practice test on the UN.  Rememeber that your UN paragraphs are due next class.  You should address Cda's role in the creation of the UN, the organization of the UN, the role of the UN (name a few organizations as examples), look at how the UN enforces its resolutions and finally look at the history of peacekeeping and its changing nature.

Next we watched a documentary on the Battle of Kapyong of April, 1951.  This month is the 60th anniversary of this remarkable action by a small group of Canadians against an overwhelming Chinese force.  While it was a one-day action, it ranks among the most notable battles for Canadians in the twentieth century.  How does it differ from the actions of Cdns in other UN missions?  Is it peacekeeping?

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