Friday, March 4, 2011

Hist 12: Notes from Fri 4 Mar

Today we started by playing "Put 32 Events from the Russian Revolutions in Order" in timed groups.  We recognized that just like using the "signpost states" to order the countries in Europe, we can identify "signpost events" in Russian history: Bloody Sunday, WW1, March Revolution, and November Revolution.  From there, it's just a case of deciding "before and after."  The reason we do this activity is not to "memorize" a long list of events, but rather to have a list that is long enough that we must recognize "cause and effect" relationships, rather than being able to learn by rote.

We also reviewed the answers to Lenon's "Call to Power" (ex #16)  On Monday, we'll watch the end of the "Russian Revolution" VHS documentary.

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  1. Signed on thinking I'd be super late posting my information on the blog for that exercise, but looks like everyone else just did it from their books, hahaha. Oh well, I guess I will too.