Thursday, March 3, 2011

En 11, 1-2: Notes from Thurs, 3 March

Today, it was story time.  I read "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" (pp. 33-37) and then we discussed what it meant to be a Mittyesque character.  Remember, Mitty is a daydreamer who tries to escape his inadequacies in a life that is run by an over-bearing wife.  Next, we discussed the narrative techniques that Thurber used in the creation of his story.  Finally, students embarked on a new conclusion to the story that should start off in media res (in the middle of the action) during the final firing squad scene, and then move on to two or three more daydream/reality sequences.  Your story should be about a page and a half of double-spaced prose.

Have fun: this is a departure from much of the writing we uually do.

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