Friday, February 24, 2012

Hist 12: Friday, 24 Feb

Great class today, folks.  I was pleased with the improvement you showed in your PPT slides and I'm sure next time you speak to the class you'll consider the points we discussed such as not reading from the slides but instead speaking "conversationally" to the audience - tell the story.  We also saw the majority of the Rus. Rev. vhs tape - it is a good one - interesting that the producers don't mention that most of the film used in the documentary is from post civil war "Bolshevik" propaganda reenactments.

We'll debrief pp. 52-55 of DeMarco on Monday.  Also, please read and answer the questions for ALL of Chapter 4.  I want to speed up a bit so we can test ourselves on Russia and move on to the rise of fascism.  Have a good weekend.

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