Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Eng 12: Wednesday, 15 Feb

Today was a reading day.  I'll introduce your first formal writing assignment for the unit: compare and contrast two characters from your novel.

In the past,  when you've done character sketches you may have thought of your characters in terms of three criteria: appearance; actions; and, thoughts and feelings.  I'd like you to go further this time.  Consider the following points:

- why are these characters important to the story?
- what do they teach us anything (about ourselves/society)?
- why are they perfect or imperfect (do they, like Macbeth, have a flaw)?
- when are they heroic, anti-heroic, or tragic?
- what, if anything are their weaknesses or strengths?
***** most importantly, why are they significant?

This will be a standard 300-word essay and yes, you will be expected to employ blended quotations to support you arguments.

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