Tuesday, January 17, 2012

SS 11: Tues 17 Jan

Today we finished our review of the aboriginal issues outline sheet that I issued yesterday.  We also viewed a segment of the People's History series titled "Taking Back the Past."  IF YOU WERE ABSENT, I SUGGEST YOU ARRANGE TO WATCH THE VIDEO AT LUNCH. As usual, we debriefed the video and used it to springboard a discussion on various styles of aboriginal education in a modern context.  Finally, I assigned a summarizing paragraph of the outline sheet.  I offered the following as a suitable topic sentence that you may use if you get stuck: "Aboriginal people quietly endured mistreatment by the Government for centuries but starting in the 1960s, they found their voice."  You should identify the different six aspects of this topic (in bold on the handout), give an example or two (in point form under the bold titles), and finally give the so-what for each (give the significance).  End with a good closing statement.  Perhaps you will comment on the tone for future relations based on the Government's 1998 Statement of Reconciliation?

Please be prepared to hand in the paragraph on Thursday, Jan 19

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