Friday, January 6, 2012

SS 11: Friday, 6 Jan

Today we looked at the Depression.  We used the PPT as a guide for our discussion.  We learned how the stock market works and how the 1927 drop in wheat prices "telegraphed" the upcoming problems.  We saw how the Canadian response was limited when compared to the American New Deal.  We never did "blast our way onto world markets." Can you remember about the five cent piece?  For homework, I'd like you to read from both the text AND the workbook:

text: pp 82-91
workbook: pp 76-82 (review from today's lesson)
workbook: pp 77-85 (new information needed for Monday's pre-class quiz)

Enjoy your weekend.

(Remember you can review the PPT vis the Slideshare link on this blog).

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