Friday, November 4, 2011

SS 11: Friday 4 Nov 2011

Canada and the Battle of the Atlantic Tutorial

Use the links to view the three-part tutorial for the PPT lesson.  I tried to add more discussion for each slide.  If you have any questions, post them as a comment and I will respond.

Part 1    14:31 minutes
Part 2    10:22 minutes
Part 3      9:53 minutes

If you are interested, here is the link to the BBC history site; it has a simulation game and lots of good content on the Battle of the Atlantic.  There are numerous other rich sites on this topic on the Internet.  Remember, the best written responses will always include something original that comes from without the material presented by the course instructor.

Convoy Info and Simulator

After you view the tutorial and survey the information in you Falk handbook, use the paragraph summary at the end of Part 3 to help organize your ideas, then write a 150 paragraph on the following prompt:

      "Discuss how the Royal Canadian Navy met the challenges of the Battle of the Atlantic."

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