Monday, April 11, 2011

Hist 12: Monday, 11 April

Today, we used the event cards of Hilter's ascention to power as a review and evaluation of your learning to-date.  You were able to speak to each of the events in terms of what/so-what and also cause and effect.  Remember the "signpost" events: they will act as your focus cues in the future.  Note how important economic factors were in this story.  Also, as always, we saw how the newness of democracy was an inherent weakness in the situation.

Next, we looked at some reasons that Hitler rose to power: some were his strengths, some were the weaknesses of others.

This concludes our study of Germany, for now.  Tomorrow, we'll discuss DeMarco, Chapter 9 (USA).  Boys please have notes to address the answers for the EVEN questions and girls prepare to speak to the ODDS.

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